Blender model changes when imported

This is it in blender.

… and this is imported into the game. Objects have moved and windows are not clear.

Objects are moved and the windows are no longer transparent.

First thing I would check are the face normals of the model.

Blender > Edit Model > Face select option > A to select all > Shift N to set normals outwards.

Turn on the Normals view in the overlays to visualise that all the lines come out of the model rather than in.

Re the glass. Are you using a separate material for the glass, selecting MSFS_Glass as the type and that the render mode stays as Blend?

Thanks @TheFlightSimGuy. I’ll check both those out and let you know.

I have found sometimes objets with modifiers like miror do this. Just before you export select al objects and join. Dont save the blender file if you dont want to.
Not sure about the window transparency problem.

I didn’t find the way in Blender to make glass looks like a glass, therefor I build my objects in the Sketchup, splits it in two pieces - solid and transparent (surfaces and windows). Every object has its own texture. So, building looks very good and glass are transparent with little blur and reflection.

Yep, in Blender my glass doesn’t look like glass either. Renders well in the sim though.

Even with the Principled BSDF shader? Glass will only look like glass if there’s a suitable background in blender.
If you are designing in the standard grey environment without any other objects or background, there’s not much to do/show for blender.

Brilliant. Joining them into one object worked. Thanks. I just have to remember to ctrl-z after I export.
1 down… just the window issue to go.

Also just noticed that if I opebn the game, open my project and place the rendered item, I can export it from blender to the project folder and it updates immediately in the game… so I can see the results of the changes right away.

What I do is to make a copy of all the objects I’m joining and put them into a separate collection, then join them in that collection, naming the collection and the single compounded object appropriately. That way I don’t have to worry about splitting by geometry if I forget to undo. I only do this when I think I’m at or near completion though, or would have to do it many times.

Got the windows sorted. Removing Blender windows details and just adding a simple MSFS material/glass worked this time. Pretty sure I tried that but this time it worked.
So, now I have a new issue.
I export and some materials/textures are missing.

Here it is in blender