Blessed are the ones who dont get CTDs

No problem.
Just make sure you back up, and make images of your OS drive beforehand. Worst case scenario, If something DOES go wrong, you can revert to your older system, while you figure things out.

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Wow I’m not doing all that stuff you do. I get a memory crash once a week for Memory could not be read CTD. I use Volanta to reload my flight. To me I shouldn’t have to that. This sim should be way more stable. I am on another thread with 500 posts where they get memory could not be read CTD every flight. So I feel fortunate I guess.

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Have you ever tested your RAM?

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Ram is brand new and the people on the 500 posts state also it is not the RAM it is with WU9.

Ram being brand new means nothing. I’ve had new ram fail in less than a week. You lose nothing by testing.

Go to this posts. MSFS Application Error - memory could not be read

Take everything people say with a grain of salt-Including me- All it takes is common sense. Test and rule out your hardware first. THEN start moving to drivers and software. THEN start moving to the application which is giving you issues- in this case MSFS.

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And for every 500 posts of issues there are 10’s of thousands of MSFS simmers who have none. But you don’t hear about them, as they have nothing to complain about.

It has become this trend where people are reporting issues with the sim, which reinforces the belief that it’s by default the sims fault. The logical step is when you find someone (me) who has ZERO issues, simply duplicate what THEY are doing to see if it solves your issue.

If not, the problem lies elsewhere. It could be a conflicting driver for a software or hardware device. It could be malware, it could be a bad mb, or ram, or GPU. The list goes on.

Here’s what I have gathered since the sims release up to now, visiting this forum almost daily:

Most people reporting issues of all shapes and sizes, have MSFS installed to the default location on their C drive.

Here is a hint: This was ALSO an issue back in the FSX days. My advice for whatever it’s worth: INSTALL MSFS ON A SEPARATE DRIVE.
If that does not work, the issue is elsewhere- likely nothing to do with the sim. Could be an add on for example.

I guess that most people here are just trying to help out and that the suggestions are well meant.

But yes … Asobo/ Microsoft are the only ones who can really do anything meaningful. If it’s anything to do with ‘stressed out’ servers then I guess that the sim will maybe just magically improve one day without us knowing why.

I do think, however, that Asobo have at least a good idea of what the causes of the issues are.

Will SU 10 provide relief for some unfortunate simmers ? If I’m being honest, I don’t really know. I just hope that it doesn’t introduce a whole lot of other bugs and issues.


Separate drive makes sense. Like I said so far I only get the error once a week. If it gets worse I’m putting MSFS on different drive.

One more thing, I forgot to put in my first post of this thread.
Enable long file name support for windows 10/11.

Ok will do that too. Someone just mentioned in another forum turn off Game mode in Windows and reboot then start the sim.

I’ve had two CTDs since I started with the sim, both during betas.


Ryzen 5 2600
16 GB DDR4 3200Mhz RAM
RX-580 8GB
Windows 11

I use the Sim at high preset, with motion blur off (I hate it in any game), at 1080P.

I don’t do anything special, just update the game when it gets updates, and Windows updates itself as and when the updates come. I keep my GPU drivers up to date unless there is a known issue published by AMD that affects me in some way.

Granted, I don’t have the hundreds of add ons that some people seem to use, and I don’t really use scenery add ons. But I do use add ons via add on linker and really only enable the ones I intend to use. So if I’m in the mood to fly the FBW 320 I turn it on and leave the other aircraft mods off.

And for every 500 posts of issues there are 10’s of thousands of MSFS simmers who have none. But you don’t hear about them, as they have nothing to complain about.

And for the 500 who do complain (here), how many just turn the sim off and do something else, thus being lost to the community forever? We don’t know and will never know.


This makes zero sense and should not be a stipulation for any software. And yeah I’ve tried it, I have a separate game drive and it makes no difference.

The logical step is when you find someone (me) who has ZERO issues, simply duplicate what THEY are doing to see if it solves your issue.

So, what? Your precise combination of hardware and software? Dedicate a $2k+ machine to a single piece of software? swap[ out thousand dollar components until you find the hardware that Asobo, in their good graces, have permitted to work without whatever hardware, software or firmware conflicts that make this sim an utter nightmare, literally a waste of time for so many?

For the record:

Pyranees leg 9
Patagonia leg2 15 mins in
Portugal 5 mins after to

Cannot be resolved by the user. If a piece of software, either of it’s own accord or in concert with some other driver, .dll or whatever does this, there is NOTHING the user can do about it. They’re asking for non existent memory addresses!

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If you can’t solve your issues pal, don’t take it out on me, or anyone else who takes the time to offer their time and experience to help others!

If it was solely the software then EVERYONE who has MSFS would be dead in the water with CTD’s.

It’s quite evident you deserve none, so keep banging you head on your own, as it’s quite evident you lack any common sense.

I only see one keyboard warrior here.

My main system is basically identical spec to yours - and I’d like you to consider how you would feel, after that upgrade, if your system routinely returned this CTD’s and faults in Flight Sim 2020- and try as you might, following all advice, for several months nothing you did fixed it. How would you be left feeling, in particular when you are aggressively told that the fault lies with you, or your otherwise 100% stable reliable system? The error codes I receive are MSFS calling memory addresses that cannot exist… How is that within my agency to fix? It’s a coding error, plain and simple .As to what triggers this, only Asosbo are in a position to aggregate data on the hardware and software environments that cause conflicts, and address them. No one user can be expected to identify that in the near infinite combinations that exist in the world.

I’m saying it like it is: Don’t go blaming users, or hardware, for faulty software. Sorry you’re so Stockholm Syndrome’d by terrible software that you think any of this is normal! It’s not! The sim should handle minor errors better, and should not exhibit anything like the major errors that it does!

Please remember you are part of a community, even if to your mind others are not of the same ‘status’ that you perceive yourself. We have an equal right to enjoy this sim as you do. We’ve paid the same price for the software and hardware: and in most cases more time troubleshooting than peaceful flying. And I sincerely hope that the next update does not find the fault with your system… because you will enter our world of hurt if/when it does.

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That looks like a dodgy RAM bit but I’m often quite wrong.

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Passed Memtest 86 six passes, Faults occur with XMP on and off, zero ram instability in any other application/4 months use. I am a hardware tester by trade and manually OC RAM on other systems. Literally nothing else indicates RAM instability - I won’t tolerate anything even vaguely Sus on my main pc as I rely on it for work.

In my case the Application is calling memory addresses that cannot exist (literally ‘-1’) so it’s not getting corrupt RAM returns as it would with an unstable RAM environment. It’s a bit of code that hasn’t got it’s memory handling in order.

Suffice to say this isn’t the first round of CTD’s i’ve experiences in FS2020. I’ve been through a few cycles of it crashing, it being fixed/getting stable after a Sim update, getting back into it, then having it break again. They happen for so many asinine reasons and I’m just sick of it at this point.

AS I say I run and test multiple systems, so the constant feature for me is Flight Simulator. No other game, not even the really notoriously badly coded ones, exhibit this level of instability.


AMD Ryzen 5900X , NVIDIA GeForce 3090 RTX , 32 GB RAM, 2 TB NVME.2 SSD for the sim, 1 kW PSU (Gold rated) , 2k monitor w/165 Hz refresh rate
Windows 11, latest drivers (for AMD chipset and GPU), latest BIOS version. In the sim I use DX11 for now (DX12 not ready/stable yet).
I’ve been simming since 2004. One thing that always remained constant with Microsoft’s flight sims (and P3D, as a direct successor) - the hardware (especially CPU) was usually heavily taxed and was brought to its limit. I still remember the slideshow I saw, when I launched FSX for the first time :slight_smile: Also, I used to waste a lot of time while constantly tinkering with config files.
I’ve also had problems on the competing platform, though most of them were because of my own greed, some of the settings I had used were just too much for the CPU/GPU to handle :grinning:

I’ve been lucky to participate in Alpha version testing of MSFS. Performance was sometimes dreadful (while the sim was being optimized for launch). Since the launch, I have had 3-4 CTD, at least 3 of them related to 3rd party content.
Sim update 9 degraded the performance a little bit for me. So, per advice in one of the forum posts, I’ve changed the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Ndu Start from 2 to 4 in the registry editor. Since then - performance became buttery smooth for me for most scenarios. I use TLOD of 180 to 400 (depending on the type of flight - VFR or IFR and region).
I do not use VR, as I personally do not believe that the experience is as fluid, as it could be in maybe 2 generations of VR Headsets from now. I also do not fly aerobatic aircraft or fighter jets, where VR could be more useful.
Most of my settings are on ULTRA (except motion blur which I detest, so its off, and also texture synthesis is on high and not ultra, it makes a difference in some large airports or heavy photogrammetry areas).

So, generally speaking, my sim is quite stable.

I did say I’m usually wrong