Blinking clouds after patch 5

No. This is not acceptable.

I refuse to have to spend 100 or 200 or 300 dollars to change my graphic card, wich worked perfectly since launch, prior to patch 5, and is compliant to their mnimum specs.

This clouds flickering issue is a bug. Clouds worked perfectilly well, until patch 5.

I don’t have to pay to fix this problem. Microsoft/Asobo have to resolve the problem. The issue is on their sight, not mine.

Now I’m suddenly exluded? No more clouds, due to my poor, obsolete, GTX 770?



Flew the Bonanza G36 Turbo from Gustavos to Sitka Alaska today. It’s posted on YouTube. Recorded in 1440p and post processed 1080p. Tomorrow, another Alaska flight, but will set MSFS2020 graphics to 1080p and see what that does to fps. This card it’s helpful in Davinci Resolve 16 as well.

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Yeah, my GTX770 took two power connectors as well. The 1660TI ONLY needs 8 pins.

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Just watched and posted a comment on YT. Thanks for posting.

I agree, not acceptable at all and very unhappy with the situation. While I do plan to upgrade at some point I have never had a game or sim become unplayable after an update. I might have understood more if it had not happened so soon after release. Also not convinced they will do anything about it.

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There are a few signs that this could be fixed in a future update, but nothing definitive so far. If you would like to help change their mind, please make sure to send a Zendesk report and to upvote this thread, which is gaining decent traction. With enough votes it will enter the Feedback Snapshot, which means the developers will have to take a closer look at it and provide a public statement.


Not fixed in the latest patch:-( I switched from full screen to windowed mode and when it starts flickering I minimize and restore or resize the window and it’s fine, like redrawing the window fixes it. That sounds like a bug, not a card not being supported anymore.

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Thanks for the heads-up, still downloading the patch. Honestly, attempting to temporarily stop the flicker by minimising the window or bringing up the pause screen is such a hassle that I would recommend just flying with Clear Skies. In my case at least it keeps coming back whenever the camera view is changed or panned.

the new update didn’t fix the flickering issue !! it looks like Asobo decided to leave it as it is. need to ask for a refund

A couple of people requested a refund after getting this issue, they were denied.

Confirmed here as well, in fact the flickering seems a bit worse. I had been excited for the update after being grounded but ends up in disappointment. On a positive note, I have not experienced a lot of the other issues folks have reported since launch - only 2 minor CTD, no loading issues, etc. The only complaints are extremely long download times and the flickering skies. Unfortunately the latter makes it inexcusably unplayable so that has wiped out much of the goodwill I gad for this dev team. Good luck to all for future improvements.

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Fortunately, you live in another country that will respond to you
But what about me who lives in Iran and has been sanctioned?
They will not give me any answer if I supported the original product in these bad economic conditions of my country

the cloud still blinking
i have gtx960m


It doesn’t work after patch 6. The clouds are blinking.

So frustrating … the clouds are still blinking after patch 6
I have NVIDIA 860 , 4 GB

I have gtx960m

Nvidia titan black …, sli (((

i live in the UK, i have not got an answer from them either, this is so disappointing, it would be nice to even hear, “hello Sir/Madam we are under investigation of this problem” but no they have just got to ignore you. wow after we have spent over 50 euros on this game.

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Same here, still flashing & blinking after patch 6, so very disappointing. And I’ve had 4 x CTDs in maybe an hour.

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I paid $ 60 just to support many people who used the illegal version
Considering the economic situation of the country, changing the graphics card is not an easy task for me either. I hope this problem will be solved soon because I can not even request a refund.
Our people cannot have an international account because of sanctions


Understand the frustration - I have at least $200 (170 euros) in with Premium and Marketplace add-ons and unplayable. Based on other responses I have seen no refunds have been issued. I checked the minimum specs just now and they STILL state Nvidia 770. I have been warning people asking opinions on whether they should purchase and tell them to post their graphics card model for feedback. I hate to see others lured in on false hope.