Blue Highlighted instruments?

Using PC-Microsoft version 1.18 (latest build)
Emptied Community Folder (for testing)

I’ve been away from this sim for a long while. Came back and updated to latest build as stated.

Lots have changed!!! and it seems it changed a lot of my settings too!!!

So first off, when I went to change some of the setting in the cockpit, it highlighted blue and was unable to use my mouse to make any adjustments to the instruments.

Also, what is this ?

Any help would be grateful :slight_smile:

I moved this into #student-pilots:basic-gameplay-help since it’s not a bug.

First note that the way you control gauges has changed in SU5. To get familiar with the new controls, please take a look at the release notes

Alternatively you can change back to the legacy control option via General Options-> Accessibilty → Cockpit Interactions System and select Legacy

It can also happen that your keybinding profile has been changed. To reset this, go to Keybinding and reset your mouse to the Default profile to enable mouse control again.