Bluebird Simulations Announced Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Another Dreamliner developer is on its way:

Bluebird Simulations surprised the flight sim community this afternoon in Las Vegas by announcing a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner for in their main stage slot at FSExpo.


A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one… I think?

There is almost a glut of 787’s now, but I assume this one will be targeted for higher fidelity than those currently available, if their 757 plans are any indication.

The long-awaited 757 will probably arrive at the end of 2024, perhaps even at the beginning of 2025, after which they still want to bring the 767 and now they are already teasing the next aircraft? why not finish the first one first?


Considering they have yet to produce their first aircraft, announcing a third seems … optimistic.


I’m guessing a lot of the systems coding they’re doing for the 757 and 767 will carry over to the 787. I can’t think of any other reason to do another 787 when we have so many already and there are so many airliners not represented in MSFS at all yet.

  • MSFS Premium Deluxe
  • Horizon Simulations
  • Kuro
  • BravoAirspace
  • Qualitywings (? They announced but haven’t made a peep in the past 3 years, so perhaps dead)

The main reason for this is that one rendition from your list will probably never happen and the others are not high fidelity addons.


agreed my good man

give us first the 757 then we will see about the rest


Agreed. Taking multiple years and still not even released 757, picking a redundant 787 let alone a 3rd in and of itself was pointless

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I’m guessing developers tend to let everyone know that they are making certain aircraft models way in advance partly from a competitive standpoint.
If other developers know that a certain aircraft is already being developed they might be looking at other opportunities.


their now Expo presentation was typical eye-candy, nice but…

But what? If you follow them you can see the progress they’re making.

I see their work,

but feel that I’m starting to be very careful with promisses and every eye-candy things, generally. Simply, I think still about that T6A but will need to be also very careful what exactly products I can select for my self at this time :slight_smile: I mean 777 will be not so cheap. Yes, my problem…

I just don’t share this scepticism and negativism. So many great things coming our way. And if that’s an eye candy? Oh yeah, why not!? Being it beautiful is not a bad thing.

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your words lacks some important and also expected thing that we are afraid of every time - nice and beauty aircraft with bad flight dynamics cfg with high price, this is that wrong and bad selection to any one. No problem to not understand my step to be careful :wink:

I don’t know what my words lack but this is kind of an old XPL fans argument (eye candy, bad flight dynamics) and I’m not going to waste my time on that anymore, it’s pointless and tiring. I’m happy that Bluebird are dedicated to bring three beautiful high def airliner addons for MSFS. That’s all. Let’s judge them when they’re released.

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Happy to hear they’re making high fidelity 787s, hopefully it’s the entire family. All the current 787s are mods, it’ll be nice to have a built from scratch high quality option.

We’ll find out what type of quality and performance they’re capable of with the 757s and 767s, but the 757 looks great so far