Blurry Airport Textures

Hi all,
I have problems with blurred ground textures at airports. The textures only look reasonably sharp in a very small radius around the aircraft.
Anisotropic Filtering is set to x16, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Nvidia Control Panel is mostly set to default values.
Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Ingame Settings:

Nvidia Settings:

100 T-LOD is pretty low, try raising it and see if that helps

Just tested T-LOD all the way up to 400. Same issue:

In the sim, set anisotropic filtering to zero and set it to 16x in the nVidia Control Panel.

There was a post on this awhile ago and allot of folks were doing this to correct.

Worth a try.

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Can’t really tell the difference between Nvidia AF and in-game AF.
It’s not just airport textures either:

The area you have circled looks normal to me!

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