Blurry clouds with DLSS

Probably same problem as with other objects, but clouds do seem blurry when using DLSS and in movement.
If I pause the game, the clouds get good again. Here is a comparision directly from the headset:

Ryzen 7 5800x3d
GTX 3080 12gb
Quest 2

Paused game:

Blurry clouds.


Clouds took a dumpster dive when they released the XBOX supported version (I realize they are 2 different versions so you tell me what happened?)
The clouds are cartoonish. I did fly into the tropical storm over the atlantic, it was pretty cool. What setting do you have your volumetric clouds on? Great post, keep the info coming!

I suspect this is due to clouds being rendered as a separate volumetric pass around geometry that’s already been rendered – they probably don’t contribute to the motion vectors that DLSS uses to nudge past frames’ pixels into place in its temporary processing.

Hence, ghosting on motion; much like the glass avionics which are rendered into textures, then slapped on a flat quad, there’s no geometry providing data for motion “inside” the effect.

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I this particular screenshots they are in high, but in ultra the issue is exactly the same.

Must be an issue associated with DLSS and textures when in movement. Because as I said, the glitches dissapear the moment you pause the game.

Hopefully this first implementation of DLSS can be a bit more polished in the future, because the FPS gains are really amazing (around 20 fps more in VR)

This sort of artifact is likely inherent to how DLSS works; it makes use of the depth map (which can only have one depth per pixel; it can’t distinguish between a faraway point of terrain and a translucent cloud in front of it) and motion vectors (which have the same problem; the terrain may be moving on-screen at a different rate than a closer cloud) to distinguish objects and determine which past pixels to source from.

I suspect that the clouds basically are just invisible to DLSS entirely and it “sees” them as painted onto the terrain behind it.

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