Blurry textures have been solved!

i tried the LOD changes with 600, and any bigger camera (~head) movement induced extreme lags and low fps, so this was not an option for me, since i mostly fly VRF or even aerobatics, and i have to look around a lot.

so yes, it hits the performance quite hard.

I have not noticed it, I still get 60fps on 4k Ultra with an RTX3070, 16Gb RAM and Ryzen 5 3600

Try 400, I found that to be the perfect spot. But you still need a good computer to move this game.

Sorry, but the textures still look blurry at Ultra. This is not a streaming issue.

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I think it is unfair to somehow place blame on the user in saying…“everyone wants everything right this second”

Let’s not forget that users paid money for the experience…Microsoft got the user’s money immediately (right this second)…so of course users want a functioning sim that represents what they paid for. Particularly, when you can’t get a refund 6 months later when a sim update breaks something or takes away a feature (visuals) that you had on day one when you first purchased the product

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This doesn’t solve the issue completely. Another aspect to all of this is the change in lighting and contrast. Color saturation looks completely off too.

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Ok, fair point. I have no problem with reporting bugs, I’ve been unable to fly the last two days due to CTD’s myself. I get that it will be fixed and Asobo are doing their best though.

I disagree with this, I think the sim looks more real than ever now, colors are on point on my hdr screen. Colors may vary though from screen to screen, that is why a lot of people use VFX to adapt them to their liking.

The over arching issue is that people are simply not listening to others. Despite posting evidence that directly contradicts claims of built in degradation many users insist they are being gaslighted somehow. Washed out colour, post an image that contradicts that, somebody comes along with another irrelevant excuse about why the image they can see right in front of their own eyes is not accurate or correct… and around and round we all go. If you are having issues with this game then you are having those issues for some reason, it does not mean those issues are either universal or part of some crazy conspiracy on behalf of a multi-billion dollar corporation to save a few coins. Try engaging with the people who are not having those issues and maybe they can help but, as the saying goes, “some people just want to watch the world burn”!


in my opinion the “overarching issue” is that the people are being rude and disrespectful. on both “sides”. also many of the discussed problems are real facts, like the extremely blurry textures, the “pop in” problem of geometry and landscapes and CTDs, just to name a few.

the people are not imagining these things. i understand that some people might not have any problems, or maybe they are just not seeing them. i don’t care though.

i just want to be able to discuss these things without having to read 100s of meta-posts about why there are no problems and people are making stuff up or something like that.

but i guess that’s not possible right now. :frowning:


Pretty much this. I’m all for polite discussion, but the claims people are lying some are making is pretty unfair.

There are plenty of screenshot and videos out there that factually show the issue with Draw-distance, Pop-in, blurry textures.

Instead of bickering people should be wanting this to be discussed as it brings out a better game/sim for everyone.

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I do understand what you’re saying, but I was responding more to a general question rather than talking about FS specifically. We do live in an instant gratification society these days, where patience is in very short supply and people tend to resort to anger before anything else. We all feel frustrated and disappointed when things go wrong and that’s absolutely natural, but it’s the way people people choose to express it that is the biggest problem, especially in online communities.

True, but it comes from both sides. Some people on the “problem” side exaggerate and blow things totally out of proportion, and some people on the “no problem” side refuse to believe that there are any issues because they are not having any. That’s the way it is these days… some vocal individuals are incapable of seeing things from other people’s point of view, and incapable of disagreeing with each other without it turning into a slanging match.

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Might try this out. I have a 3090 with a i910900k

Do you leave the bar on 200 and just change the LOD in the cfg file??

The change in lighting makes the terrain looks more real, but also cause some serious over exposure in sky and the aircraft itself. Still need some tweaks @Asobo

Sorry, too bright for me. But nice jet there!

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I will repeat this again.

DO NOT direct posts to others. Keep topics on MSFS, not users or groups of users.

All This Over A Game Were All Doomed…

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Exactly, the bar needs to be at 200 and then manually switch to 4.0 or 5.0 in the user.cfg

Indeed we are xD

As this topic can not stay on-topic. Closing.