Blurry textures start here

OK so there is tons of posts on here with people claiming “downgraded/blurry” textures after the patch, there has been tons of posts previous about this and there is multiple fixes and issues which have caused problems with blurry ground textures, hopefully this may help some of you especially the Teredo section helped me

One of the most common issues that I had and people often have is that Teredo is blocked and if so you will not receive any streamed ground textures. This is really simple to check, search for xbox network settings in the start menu and run a test. If its blocked it will tell you and this will make your game look terrible and see below link for opening it

See here Everyone having scenery resolution streaming issues - PLEASE READ

Other issues have been discovered with Nvidia GPU’s that GeForce experience is automatically optimizing the game, if so go in and click revert

Also after patch people have been reporting that the game has been resetting its settings. Check your graphics tabs and data tab and make sure these have not been lowered or turned off

These are the 3 simplest things to check, I know this wont work for everyone but it seems really difficult to sift through the multiple posts on here finding the individual info


The link to that topic is more than 2 weeks old (at the moment) and just after the Patch Do you have a link to a topic after the Patch of last week?
Could be helpfull to link a topic that’s more up to date. :wink:

Cheers :wink:

the age of the topic is completely irrelevant in regards to opening your Teredo if its blocked, even in a years time it would still be relevant as long as the game still uses teredo for streaming textures