Blurry textures xbox serie s

Hi everybody, are almost 2 days that I have blurry ground textures that I never saw on msfs with the Xbox S. Maybe there are some problems with the servers, I don’t know.
Anyone had the same problems?

I’m the only one?

I noticed another something else: when I fly at high altitude the textures are ok. When I descend to 4000 / 5000 feet the textures becomes blurry like it can’t load the textures completely. The I start a new fly in the same airport and on take off the textures are ok. Really I don’t know what happened.

maybe post some screenshots and a location where you took them.
Some places have better ground textures than others.

Have you checked if you are online with MSFS in the settings ?

On two of my last three flights on the xbox series s I suffered stuttering. All flights over Europe on tbm 930.

This happens mostly when the Sim looses the internet connection. But this should be announced in a dialog box. If there isn’t enough cached data, the world gets blurry.

There is a workaround by downloading Offline World Data but I read that the quality is not that good, so if this happens I restart the Flight from the nearest Airport.


I noticed this most on the city textures. And the buildings seems glowing.

Today I made a fly at 30000 feet. The same situation. I took some screenshots:

30000 feet

23000 feet

6000 feet (textures blurry)

3000 feet (textures blurry)

As you can see the textures at high altitude are ok, but when the plane arrive below 10000 feet becomes blurry. The strange thing is that yesterday I made a fly at 18000 feet altitude and this not happened. I never saw this on MSFS on Xbox.

Update7 texture are blurry. No more to say

Yes I tick it’s true. Today I made a fly on pc and I saw the same situation. I wish that Asobo will solve this on the next update.

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I opened a ticket to zendesk. I don’t know if they will answer me. Finger crossed…