[BMWorld+AmSim] - KSEA Seattle–Tacoma International Airport


Wow. Screenshots look great! Don’t know the developer. Can folks recommend them?

BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD & AmSim :grinning:

Was looking forward to a SEA scenery, but placing static aircraft along the entire inner C concourse really is a huge turnoff. The wait for a SEA scenery continues.


Just got a response from the dev and they will be posting a update within a few days regarding the static airplanes. Hope this helps.


How are the framerates? Thx.

I’m getting really good frames with the fenix a320. 50fps on a gaming laptop.

Appreciate you sacrificing your wallet for the rest of us.

I agree the static planes are definitely a no-go. Hopefully, they offer a solution for that problem. How is everything else? Screen shots look pretty nice and is an airport in great need of some love.

Got a response from the dev and a patch should come out within a few days regarding the static aircraft. Everything else is smooth so far.


Overall the scenery is really nice. Modeling was done fairly well while keeping performance very good. When they do remove the statics, it will be a very nice scenery.

Exactly…I feel at the rate they release sceneries they don’t degrade with quality. They gradually get better, minus the statics :slight_smile:

How about runway 16C/34C? Do they have bump issue like Asobo’s version due to terrain elevation problem?

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Well, there goes another $20… ;-).


It’s so expensive though :tired_face:

I’ve always wished for a better ksea and this looks great, but the recent sales have drained my “sim addon” funds for the rest of the year. I look forward to purchasing next year sometime when it goes on sale. :slight_smile:


Besides the statics, it looks like they didn’t distinguish their gates correctly in sizing. Makes me wonder if they labeled them for the correct airlines…

Update 1.1 is available for download.

Change Log_V_1.1

  • removed static aircraft
  • fixed RW16L PAPI
  • added missing center line green lights
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I just purchased and I can’t say I’m having a great experience with it so far. I’m seeing issues with texture work, static aircraft (known), missing gates, improper integration to GSX (perhaps a GSX issue), ground equipment sticking through buildings. I stopped looking after that. I’ll do some more digging and hopefully these issues are just on my end. I really want a well-done SEA so not giving up yet.

Oh but the interior view here is nice and sharp!

Bought it and I have horrible FPS. I don’t get it…tried disabling some other sceneries from the area to no avail. I don’t get it…worse performance of any scenery I own. Disappointed.


What are your specs?