BN-2 Amps

In the Blakckbox BN-2 when I turn on the generator the amps reading shoots off the scale, does this seem correct to anyone that know the BN-2?

bump. anyone?

Are the amps going down when switching on the landing lights and the pitot heat (and a deicing device)?
If yes the amperemeter shows 100% ampere power from the generators and is slowly going down the more aircraft systems are switched on, but it must not get down into the red area of the gauge.

yes it does go down when switching on lights. it just seemed really high to me compared to the small ga planes i fly irl

The starter motor of a car draws 100 ampere while starting the engine:

But I find it suspicious high seeing the Mooney M20 being in need of ~80 amps only for turning the small artificial horizon gyro spindle engine…
Maybe you know how much electrical power a small GA airplane is sucking out of the battery only when switching on battery master which turns on the gyro and nothing else when the aircraft has an amperemeter.