BN3 Trislander autostart

Anyone know if it is possible to autostart the BN3 (ctrl E), if not any videos around showing start procedure? Thanks in advance.

it’s really a very simple procedure…see the tutorial


I would refer to the tutorial it has. Oh, and the checklist.

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Thanks guys.

Make sure you remove all external elements (Steps, tail support etc) before trying to start it.

Tks guys but I am still struggling to start it. I have posted some screenies. Have I missed anything? Thanks in advance.


ok…Props to full fine
batt on
3 x fuel aux pumps on
generators off
crack throttles
Eng3 Left Mag on. Push starter, R Mag on
same for other two

gens on
start isol off (down)

You have battery off, need to be on

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yes…I think so…no instruments live

Tks guys, watch a youtube vid and all good. Appreciate the help. BTY, what is isol? Thanks.