Boats artifact

I get this with boats in some sceneries. What can I do?

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You need to install the Top Gun DLC and it will fix it.

What’s going on here, and why does that DLC fix it? I don’t have that DLC, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen those lines before.

They almost look like some visualisation being enabled in the SDK. Some users used to report spheres in the world, for example.

I don’t know - it should be fixed by Asobo but I suppose it’s some new wake animation files that they used in Top Gun (for the carriers?) that is needed for all boat wakes now - but yea that shouldn’t be necessary.

That is the fix for now though. I asked about exactly the same problem couple of weeks ago and @MortThe2nd pointed me to this solution. Might be just some files you need so potentially you could selectively delete specific Top Gun content files (most of it) after downloading but I don’t know which.


They are wake anomalies so you need the Top Gun DLC water physics/masks to fix it.
Don’t want the Top Gun DLC?
Well start breaking down dlc packages and look for the individual files that fix the water wake physics to convert to a community folder addon.

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Well now that was it! Thank you!

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Even after that fix, I still have a remaining issue of big holes in the water under stationary boats but it’s not as bad as those weird outlines in the air. Still a bug they needs fixing up properly by Asobo.

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Thanks for the input, that really did it. I don´t know about your other problem however. Just flew along the panama canal with lots of static ships and could not see wht you describe…

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yeah i have the holes too but ill deal with it…its not as disturbing as the artifacting…tbh i think the whole effect should go away…it causes more problems than what it adds to the sim.

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Maybe it’s just some ships then. Do you use Seafront Simulations traffic Payware? Maybe it’s that.

This is what I get if ships aren’t moving where it’s basically constantly making the “groove” wake, then making it again and again on top of each other until you see right through the world.

Hm, No. No addons whatsoever for ship traffic