Bob Hope and John Wayne get on a Piper

Happy Thanksgiving! Decided to do an early morning flight from KBUR to KSNA (Bob Hope and John Wayne) in my new Piper. Flew VFR and really enjoyed the way the aircraft performs. Flew over the Hollywood sign and was shocked at how cool the live weather managed to get the early morning marine layer rolling in to LA. Pretty cool! Stayed above it and it was broken apart for me to touch down without going through clouds. Fun times!

Where did you fly this morning?


So far today:
Sion Airport, Switzerland
Lahr Airport, Germany
Luxembourg International Airport, Luxembourg
Antwerp International Airport (Deurne), Belgium

I am hoping to get three other flights into my spreadsheet today. I got my first “10” landing today in Germany. Yes, good times!

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The inversion layer over L.A. looks spot-on with how it is there.


Have you tried Orbx’s Burbank airport ? It looks amazing… although they had some performance issues with it early on, I think it was fixed.

Welcome to Luxembourg!

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I haven’t but I’ll definitely check it out. Love that airport.

That second to last shot with the cloud coming in is breathtaking! Is this a regular occurrence in LA? If so, what time of day does it seem to occur?

That’s the marine layer that’s common in L.A.

And, like San Francisco (and the rest of the California coast, really) the clouds move in very early in the morning then burn off by 11:00am. It’s an everyday occurrence in San Diego. Study how the weather works in California. It is interesting. Because the Sierra’s are directly to the East of California the mountains have a big impact on the state’s weather.


Yeah a usually happens in the morning. Rolls in off the ocean and then the sun burns it off.

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