Boeing 247D - No engine sounds in cockpit?

Anyone else having this issue? Can hear the clock ticking and internal bumps and squeaking but as soon as I close the windows there is no more engine sound inside the cockpit. Finding it hard to believe that is normal. Bad download/install? Should I try again? Am I missing a setting? All other aircraft working as normal. Any ideas/suggesstions? Thanks in advance!

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nope. Sound works fine in cockpit.

Do you have headphone simulation on in audio settings?

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Yes! Is that it? But why would I still here the ticking clock? The engines would be MUCH louder than the clock - if the ‘headphones’ remove the clock noise it would certainly remove the clock. Either way, I’ll give it a try next flight. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I don’t know how the sound engine works in MSFS, but it seems possible that the clock sound is not tied to the engine sounds (given that it happens with engines off) and therefore isn’t affected by the headphones simulation which is meant to muffle the engines specifically

This worked, it was the fact that I had the ‘headphone’ simulation thing turned on.

Hurrah - I had the same problem many thanks.