Boeing 737 MAX 8

Wish wanted to see the Boeing 737 MAX 8 in flight simulator as cause the 737 appear in every flight simulator since flight simulator 95

ya its an ever poular plane so lets put it in. Also by default not paid.


PMDG is on it’s way. It wont be freeware for sure but it will be the best Aircraft on the sim without a doubt!

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will that be the pre-grounding version?

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@UnbentOhio43748 I’m curious, why shady business?

As to the price of their products: They provide a lot more than the average user needs in a flight simulator, but to those who are looking for an accurate simulation of all aircraft system, the PMDGs are worth every cent.


Reason is these products are very expensive, I prefer freeware over payware is cause people Like me couldn’t afford Expensive payware products

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So PMDG is a shady business, because you cant afford their products?


Yep, for rest of my simulation since flight simulator 95, all my add ons are freeware, this I why I wanted a free addon

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What logic


the only reason I do not like PMDG is because the skyrocketed prices to much for my blood maybe $30 would be more appropriate


That’s fine, I can understand you don’t want to spend money, but that doesn’t make PMDG’s business shady… a LOT of work goes into their complex system modelling.

It’s great if there are volunteers that achieve something similar in their free time as a hobby, but it’s rare to find a free model that even comes close to study level, and developed with the professionalism required for this.

Maybe the free Zibo Mod delivers something similar for X-Plane, but to my understanding that’s an exception rather than the rule. Correct me if I’m wrong here, I’d taken a break from flight simulation for years before MSFS 2020.

I personally don’t care for the PMDG level of systems modelling, but what I do care for is that all systems directly related to normal flying in VFR and IFR work accurately. That’s a level that’s much easier to achieve for freeware planes. But for the same reason I still avoid diving deeply into IFR flying the glass cockpit planes in MSFS, because I have the feeling I’d be spending too much time working around their quirks instead of just learning how the systems normally work. I’m sure though they’re going to improve on this within the next couple of releases.


I have nothing against payware or authors of… PMDG has good products but if maybe they would make 2 versions IE a basic model start engines and go (with chk lists if your into that) with some more advanced options available say every button/switch can do something. and a study level version. I may be inclined to look into that.

for me spending almost as much as what I paid for the software to run it on (for one add-on) is ludicrous in my opinion. And for someone to suggest such a thing to a person not wanting to spend too much on one item. Well… its not to smart. Think about a car salesman, I came in looking for a volkswagon and you want to sell me a ferrari ? probably wont happen. Do I want it? yes, can I afford it ? probably not. anyway you get the point.

the dream team GSX made awesome add-ons and I hope they do something with FS 2020.

but getting back to the 737 its one of the more popular planes out there its been in every version of MSFS since V5. the basic model is in the game I have seen it as a live traffic model as well as some other planes all one would have to do is make a cockpit for it or really just gauges that would work since you can some what import any plane from FSX then edit the gauges to work if one knew how. It doesn’t seem like it would be so hard to do that if one knew what they were doing.

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Exactly. Just look at some of the current Asobo models. Even they are a far cry from study level. PMDG and currently even Carenado are much better.
And there’s the additional fact, that modelling a rather technically primitive C182 or Mooney at study level takes far less effort than a highly complex modern Boeing 737.

Last not least @ UnbentOhio43748: if all your planes since FS95 have been freeware, then maybe you don’t really want or need a study level B737, but just an average-simmer-level B737. I am reasonably sure such a version will be available as freeware in time.


I would love a freeware 737 in msfs


Little wonder people can’t afford PMDG. They keep saying they can’t…with the LOA in full play, they will never be able to afford it.

The 737- MAX is available on the msfs marketplace now by BREDOK3D. Looking forward to flying it

Don’t. It’s garbage.

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I’m not going to lie, it does cause crashes to desktop after 5 minutes. The sound is default as well. It is from the 747-8. I was actually expecting the proper 737 max sounds or similar. Especially at over £18. No wing flex and most of the button clicking sounds in the cockpit don’t work.

In a nutshell, it’s alright. Just a basic plane. But the graphics are great!

I would never buy anything from BREDOK3D. So far, their products have been freeware quality.

Bought it and it does fly my flight plan but several glitches in it Auto pilot went off and wouldn’t come back on Difficulty using the heading bug bounces on landing but managed to re configure my throttle controls to correct that But now I see its not even for sale on the market place so it must be a dudd good thing it wasn’t expensive or I would be upset lol