Boeing 747-8 Autopilot

Hey guys,

So, the 747… is the AP in it completely broken and it’s just generally accepted or something wrong on my end? I play on Xbox and barely a single AP-related button works on the 747. I try to engage a certain speed and it doesn’t react, I try to tell it to go to a certain altitude and it doesn’t react. Sometimes it can just go off and ascend quickly on its own. Also it doesn’t maintain my set altitude.

The buttons can sometimes say they’re off but still show green, particularly LNAV and RNAV, and I can’t shut them off. Am I doing something wrong? Switching AP on and off doesn’t seem to help either…

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Can’t confirm your findings.
E.g. concerning the lack of speed control;
is the autothrottle engaged?
A panel screenshot might help with troubleshooting…

Those issues never fix since long long time ago. They just made so call beautiful sceneries but can’t fix those bugs especially the 747.

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A very helpful reply.

We have to face the facts and that’s the facts and we can’t do much for it, can you?

The last time I flew the 747 from A to B I didn’t encounter any significant problems.

Ok I think i kind of ragequit before, I did another training session and figured out that I may not have armed the autothrust… And I discovered that whatever the altitude i put in on the AP, it just follows the cruise level that I put in the MCDU display. Is that the same for you guys?

Also I have a question about the autothrust… Since there are no detents like on the airbus, do I do nothing with the thrust levers? And what does the TOGA switch do? In some tutorials, someone said that you have to switch TOGA on if you want AP to control the speed…?

I know that toga on airbus is used for some take off scenarios and go arounds, and that it also disables autothrust when switched on.

1.I haven’t checked I the VNAV restrictions are working, but if the altitude restriction in the CDU is lower than the altitude on the MCP, the 747 should not climb above the CDU restriction in VNAV.

2.If you use autothrottle in the 747 you don’t touch the thrust levers.They are motorized and move on their own.
If you fly with manual thrust there’s no difference between an Airbus and a Boeing.

3.The TO/GA switch activates the TO/GA mode.
With the AP disengaged this means TO/GA thrust and the FD will indicate a wings level and nose up pitch attitude.
You push the TO/GA (TakeOFF/GoAround) button when starting the takeoff roll.
The thrust levers will automatically move forward to the TO/GA setting.

4.No. TO/GA only provides TO/GA thrust

5.It doesn’t really disable autothrust. On takeoff it actually arms autothrust.
On a Boeing it arms the autothrottle.


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