Boeing 777-300ER Cruise altitude 43000ft

Hi All,

I’m having an issue to reach the cruise altitude of 43000ft with the Boeing 777-300ER (unable to reach that altitude. I can reach max 41000ft)

Have you had this particular issue? What should be the root cause?


You may be too heavy. A fully loaded airliner (max fuel, full of passengers) can’t immediately fly to its max altitude. You may need to burn some fuel and step climb to altitude.

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43100 is the maximum altitude of the 777, not an altitude you would climb to and cruise at.

I have seen lots of posts from pilots who have stated they have never gone above 38000 in the 777.
In order to get to the maximum altitude, you would have to be quite light in load and fuel.

Normal cruising altitude is 35,000 to 39,000 for ultimate TAS and fuel efficiency.