Boeing 787 Auto Brake

Good morning all,

Just wondering if anybody has had the problem with the Auto Brakes. I am able to set my auto brake after departure but when I start my approach (to YSSY) it automatically goes back to disarm. I then try and set it back to “2” but just toggles back to disarm. Once I land I can hear the auto brake kick in but then it won’t turn off and I am then stuck and just have to leave the game. I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling and I do not have anything in my community folders. Any ideas?

Do you have any joysticks, game pads or other peripherals? Do you set the autobrake to rto for takeoff? At first sound without any additional information it kind of sound like a reversed axis or another button pushing the brakes. I would check your keybindings regardless.

Thank you so much. Played around with some settings for my joystick

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