Boeing 787 on Xbox

Is it worth it to get the 787. I truly love the design of the plane. But does it also flies good?

Well it’s the only 787 available right now and possibly for a while… And you’re on Xbox, so the chance of better 787 in the future is very slim as I haven’t heard any official news that a third-party developer is making a high-fidelity 787 for the PC let alone for Xbox… So do you really have any choice?

I believe that Working Title had said a while ago (perhaps about a year ago) that they were going to update the 787 and 747 once they were done with the G1000/3000. No date on it and I haven’t heard anything since then so I don’t know if that is still their plan but it would be great.

It’s on par with the 747-8i in terms of fidelity of systems. The model is excellent graphically and it flies as well as any of the default airliners.

I regularly trade between the 747 and the 787 for longer flights, but I enjoy flying them both enough to even use them for impractical short hops.

Shhh… don’t tell anyone.

I hear that it has battery problems and the screens turn themselves off during flights. Has that been fixed?

I’ve not had either of those issues.

I know there are reports of black screens, however that seems to plague a number of aircraft throughout the sim and is not exclusive to the 787.

Well beside one plane in flight simulator I’ve never had to deal with that as well. But when I look on this board, there are several reports of screens turning off on this plane. So I must be sure, before spending a lot of money on this upgrade that it doesn’t have this issues some are mentioning to others.

In the latest Q&A they said that turning off the glass cockpit displays is one way the sim falls back when available VRAM drops below a certain threshold. I guess reducing the texture quality might solve it, then.

Right, but on Xbox that is not an option.

Sorry, I always forget to check the forum group before I post.

Just bought it. In my eyes the best airliner currently avaible on the Xbox. Beautiful plane.

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