Boeing 787 Screens black out


Can anyone tell me why during mid-flight the all the screens inside the Boeing 787 go black?

Is this part of the simulation or a known bug in the game?

For reference I am playing the game on xbox.

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Has to be a bug. I have at least 850 hours on that airframe. I’ve never had that happen. I’m on PC though. It may need to be patched on the console side. I flew with it last night on a 4 hr flight and it was great. No issues.

Yea and the only time I see this issue is when I fly during the day time.

If your generators were on (lack of generator power will drain the batteries, causing systems shutdown after a while), then it is likely a bug.

Be sure to report it to Zendesk; Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (


I submitted a ticket for this a few days back. Happened in the Airbus as well.

Thank you. I will do that.

Yea hopefully they can fix it. I am really enjoying the game otherwise

For real tho - you have to turn on power generators. Especially if you start cold and dark.

I have a deja vu.
We PC users had this Bug in the Alpha and after the PC release.


Someone elsewhere in a similar thread noted that they had a keybinding from their controller which was causing their starter motor to get stuck on, thus draining the battery.

Make sure generators are on, start switch back to normal after engines running.

Most likely your battery ran out.

Ok so like if I have the co political autocomplete it. Will that all be taken care of or do I still have to do that manually?

Have you had any luck on the mfd black out situation, it happens to me on 747, 737, 777 all Xbox, ruining a great game otherwise.

This is a known issue, been around since the game launched on PC and currently affects all airliners default, deluxe, or 3rd party (as all 3rd party add-ons available for Xbox use default avionics at this time).

This thread is dedicated to the issue:

Oops - didn’t see how old the rest of the thread was - anyway, the update on the bug getting fixed is as clear as mud - as far as I can tell…

I’m having this issue with both the 787 and 777, day and night time, I’m on Xbox Series S.

This is currently due to issues with live weather. There are people that have completed 3+hour flights in the last 24 hours with live weather off with no issues.

Hey all,

Yeah, I’m experiencing the same issue on the Xbox Series S. I will definitely without LiveWeather and see if that works but it is disappointing that we’ve had this issue for months. I’m sure it’ll be corrected in time - I’m sure they’re aware. It just sucks.