Boeing 787-XE Mod PFD Freezes


I downloaded the new 787-XE Mod and everything seems to be working fine but when I turn on the autopilot the PFD freezes. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Thank you @Hester40MT

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You need to get the experimental version. I can’t seem to find the other post on this topic for some reason, but that was the recommendation. I also couldn’t find it, so if anyone happens to have the link, that would help me :slight_smile:

Hello @sttovo I found the fix to this. There was a hotfix to this issue. Here is the link

Thank you.


U should be using the experimental version of the 787 heavy mod which is updated constantly and the XE mod is not. The heavy mod has tons of features like holds, vnav, simbrief integration and a lot more so join this if u want to have the best 787 mod.


Perfect! Thank you @CptNewYork6727

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