Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

I know this is too soon to ask this, but will msfs2020 allow the freeware content developers to create airplanes? Until now no one says nothing about make a plane or do a tutorial how to build one for this Sim. Since I am a former army corporal I would love to see the C17 in this sim. Hope someone could build those awesome airplanes. Or at least show how to build airplanes.

Virtavia hopefully will port the C-17 Globemaster III to this simulator. I have flown the FSX one all over USA into HI and on to Midway. Great Plane, loves to fly. That is the only one I want, well, maybe the B737-800-900-MAX I don’t care. If it aint Boeing, I aint Going. Normally not a GA pilot much, like the big ones. Just finished the flight training to prove I could. Tried Courchevel, FR, need to practice that more. Anyway, all this proves, practice, and better flight controls, to play with.

For the moment, ASOBO / Microsoft have made it clear that it would be an MSFS with civilian aircraft only.

That means they won’t make any. Doesn’t preclude any 3rd party Devs from doing so.

I agree on this point.

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Only a matter of time before we see military aircraft and airfields by 3rd party developers.

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To be honest, that attitude for me is very sad. Ok, Microsoft and asobo own this Sim but don’t allow military aircraft is not a good thing. Well, looks like I have to return to X-Plane 11to do military flights. That’s sad.
Thx for all your replies

Ok, so everyone keeps saying Microsoft and Asobo won’t allow Military aircraft. That is not what they said. They don’t intend to make any themselves. For that matter, I doubt they make any additional aircraft at all. They are NOT preventing any 3rd party from creating military aircraft for the simulator.

However, MSFS supports speeds higher than mach 1, mach 2 …
I had done a quick test in ALPHA by modifying an airplane and its physics to support this, and it works well. :grin:
The effects of condensations contrails should arrive soon, let’s hope that they also integrate the sound barrier effect for the 3rd party … :upside_down_face:
For me, given the large number of requests, I think they can integrate it without real problem…
ASOBO listens to the players. :+1:

The 747 shouldn’t be by it’s self in the category a c17 would be really awesome

Already exist one C17, ita a ukmil import from fsx but there is too much work to do. I wish that some dev could bring us at least a decent C17 and the A400m. These 2 planes are a must

I would also like to see the C-17 modeled in the sim!
I also disagree that the C-17 falls outside the category of “non-military” aircraft that ASOBO/Microsoft wishes to model in FS2020. Yes, it’s true that the C-17 is military aircraft but it’s not a combat aircraft (it doesn’t shoot/fire any weapons, except countermeasures) or resuming its a transport aircraft that actually falls well within the scope of FS2020 where you can set cargo weight, fuel, etc… and fly anywhere in the world simulating cargo missions.
On top of this, the C-17 is a strategical airlifter which can land in small and semi-prepared airstrips while having an intercontinental range (actually global with in-flight refueling).
So and for example, imagine having a flight from some airbase or airport in Europe or North America to some small and semi-prepared airstrip in Africa, Middle East or other parts of Asia, wouldn’t this be a “blast” and well within the scope of FS2020??

Bottom line, the Boeing C-17 is like a Boeing 747 but with the capability to land on small and semi-prepared airstrips and of course with somewhat better ‘agility’.
At the same time the C-17 would be something quite different from all other aircraft came (stock) with previous Flight Simulators but at the same time still well within the sim. So I’m here asking, requesting (and urging) that ASOBO/Microsoft models this aircraft. :wink:

It won’t happen, not mainstream enough.

Asobo/Microsoft don’t have a non-military aircraft bar, if they had then Top Gun wouldnt be happening.

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Well, the FS2020 list of stock aircraft is full of “non-mainstream” aircraft.
Look at some/many of the GA aircraft like all the Diamonds, the Flight Design CTLS, the ICON A5, etc… None of these aircraft are “mainstream” and I even dare to say that they are probably or likely much less “mainstream” (“appealing” would probably be a more correct term) than the C-17.

Regarding your point about “Asobo/Microsoft and its supposed non-military aircraft bar” yes, I agree with you.

The C-17 or any other Military aircraft are 3rd party dependent. If someone decides to build these aircraft in great detail it will be very rewarding. For instance, as a hypothetical, if a developer creates an amazing airport scenery package for Nellis AFB, and also creates a very detailed C-17, C-130 etc. this would be a launching pad for further high-end military aircraft, helicopters HH-60, AI traffic and sceneries. There are no limits here… weapon systems are obviously another story.

As the T-Shirt would say - “Watch this space.”

“MSFS Native C-17 Globemaster-(INCOMPATIBLE AT THIS TIME) » Microsoft Flight Simulator” MSFS Native C-17 Globemaster-(INCOMPATIBLE AT THIS TIME) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

It’s compatible now.

Same link. Destroyer121 must have updated it just recently.

Yep, Sept 11,2021

edit: but it looks like it is missing the html_ui folder - see that the download size is smaller than the original previous version.

edit2: if you download the previous version the html_ui folder is a separate folder for the community folder.

edit3: seems adding in the previous versions html_ui flder in community makes the cockpit work.

edit4: second folder for html_ui now in download

Yes, I’ve been following this one (Destroyer’s C-17). Nice to watch it progressing!