Boing 747 soundpro+Livery pack 4

Is vnav not working properly or it is just me not know how to use it?

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what plane?

Boing 747. It follows going up, but not decening

Works fine for me. Are you pre selecting the correct altitudes? Are you at the proper constraints for vpath to capture?

Isn’t fms supposed to sellect and follow the altitudes for each waypoint which is generated in fms automatically?
Going up it automatically follows without me doing anything, but descending I have to manually lower the altitude so it descents. Is this the way it supposed to work? Thanks

Yes thats how it works. If your pre selected alt is not lower than your current alt it wont descend. Dial in your lowest constraint or I just dial down the the IAF constraint and then use vertcal speed mode to step down from that to catch the GS. Also if you dont select higher or at least AS high than your highest constraint on the way up it will just stop and hold at whatever you dialed in. You are basically telling it what alt you are trying to get to and it will stop and hold you at the constraints until you are clear to step up or down to the next.

Thanks a lot, I will tey that. Thanks for answering.