Bora Bora Discovery Flight CTD

Has anyone else had a problem with the Bora Bora discovery flight? I selected this activity, and while loading, the program just crashed. By “crashed” I mean one moment is was there loading, and in the blink of any eye, it was just gone. Upon re-starting, I got an error message that my previous session had ended unexpectedly, offering to start in safe mode.

For backgound, I have recently updated to (the latest), and took a few weeks to get that version to start. I got a clean start when I remembered to pull EVERYTHING out of the Community folder.

Since the upgrade, I’ve only flown the Cessna 172, but all other flights have moved along without problems.

#pc, Steam, NOT Developer Mode, Windows 10 21H1.


It’s been several updates since your post and I am wondering if you are still experiencing this issue when trying to fly the Bora Bora discovery flight?


THANKS for checking in!! I haven’t tried the Bora Bora flight since I posted, but will do so as soon as I can overcome some more significant problems (such as airplane missing from the sim!). I’ll post here again when I can re-try and let you know if the updates have fixed the problem. THANKS!!

Good to report that the problem is solved. Due to travel and real life, I haven’t been able to fly for about a month. Just updated to and tried out the Bora Bora discovery again. All is working quite well! Other problems I had before the month out have also been resolved.

THANK YOU, Jummivana!