Bose Professional Headphones

I was watching my favorite YouTube channel CitationMax1 and at the below timestamp of his video he mentioned Bose professional headphones with a microphone. Currently using old Kingston Hyper-X headphone and microphone and time to upgrade my flight simulator for it. Flight Simulator - Album on Imgur

I am wondering if I can find the same quality for USB PC drivers as they would use microphone jack’s I would assume.

Edit: seems that Aviation technology is catching up with Bluetooth as an option now.

Nice setup you got there!

I have a David Clark aviation headset. (No noise cancelling. I want to hear the ambient sound since I’m not playing it as loud as an actual plane!) And I hook it up to this USB device that creates a microphone and headphone jack for your aviation headset:

Works very well for me and has never caused me problems!

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Thanks! I was reading from an Amazon reviewer saying using aviation headsets which are low impedence in a PC sound card which is high impedence is not recommended.

I wonder if this USB converter would solve this?

Edit: Specs says “Supports headset impedances of 100 to 600 Ohms”.

Yeah, these adapters were specifically built for this use case. And they specifically mention Bose under the list of compatible brands.

The Bose would make for an expensive sim only headset and you would still need some kind of interface.

I use the Bose A20s for work and they are the best headset I’ve ever used. However, I do not recommend them for simming. If you are using the headphones for simming only, check out the Bose QC35 gaming headphones. They are MUCH cheaper, lighter, and still have great sound. I have the QC35 for non-sim use but use a wired QC25 with MSFS occasionally. The 25 and 35 are both great headphones but the 35s are better in terms of battery life and can be wired or bluetooth. The QC35 has an internal rechargeable battery. The 25 uses a AAA battery and if you forget to turn them off, the battery will be dead the next day.