Bought 2 aiplane, shows owned but NOT in inventory

Also marketplace seems to be offine?

Have you installed them? Buying is one thing, the installing is another. They should be in your content manager ready for install?

Yes, downloaded AND installed just fine. Nothing in Content manager requiring action.

Restart sim? Restart Windows?

I have exactly the same issue - purchased the Husky right before the servers went down, it was downloaded, it shows up in my OneStore folder, the Content Manager first showed that the Husky was installed, after restart it says the “Solo 103” was allegedly installed but neither the Husky nor the Solo 103 (well that’s not surprising) show up in my hangar. As long as the servers including the Marketplace are down there’s no way to check if that fixes itself or if it will become even more disappointing by turning into a lengthy support case.

Edit: When the Marketplace came back just now, the Husky appeared as well. Phew!

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Since the servers are back up, I’m wondering if you might be able to see them now.

I am back in business - I did do a Windows restart a few minutes ago and then started the sim. The Marketplace is back and operating and my purchased airplanes now appear as choices. I suspect part of the issue may have been MS server overload with a lot of sim owners doing the mandatory update.

Thanks for the assist.

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