Bought the premium deluxe edition, but I want only the standard

Hi there! About a year ago I bought the Premium Deluxe Edition, but I only use the features from the Standard Edition. I even bought the aircraft Piper Seneca PA34 and fly it in Brazil.
The question is: is there any way I can install only the Standard Edition with its updates? I bought a new PC for this sim but I’m running out of memo due to the amount of updates - that I don’t even use them.
I’m a flight instructor and use the sim only to practice IFR procedures and maneuvers.

When you install the sim, even if you have bought Premium Deluxe, it only installs the standard features. After the Standard install you go to content manager to add the Premium Deluxe features. If you don’t do this, only the standard features will show in the sim.

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And I’m pretty sure you can just uninstall the extra content from the Premium Deluxe via that. Although I don’t know how much space that’ll really free.


The premium and deluxe’s updates are mandatory, as for this pic, there isnt an option to unselect them…