Box version - disc check

After successful installation you need always first FS disc to start the simulator. This is frustrating and absolutely not necessary. In the download version you have the activation key which is linked with the Microsoft account. This should be enough also for the box version! Please remove this useless disc check as soon as possible. Thanks.


hmpf verstehe es auch erlich gesagt nicht was es werden soll

… read the posts below and perhaps you will understand the issue

A warm welcome to the forum RedFlag0955.
Thanks for posting your request in the appropriate forum category. I don’t think there is anything that anyone here will be able to do to help with this disc check reality. I would encourage you to file a request directly to zendesk as that is the official place for formal feedback.

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I can’t understand this either. The game is linked to my Microsoft account like any non-physical purchase and I have to be online in order to run it, so why does the disk need to be in the drive?


Exactly. Besides this, the download version naturally has no dvd-check either and does the anti-piracy via the key binding to the account. So checking the dvd is super redundand.
Will check it out as soon as I have time to install mine (also got the boxed version with the dvd’s just to have something nice to keep company with my old flight sim versions in the shelf :wink: ) and if it will also have
the dvd check, I will open a ticket at zendesk as tamalien recommended.

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I didn’t get the boxed copy but I’d like to add that I’d love to have it, and it would be preferred if the DVD check was removed. There’s no reason for it considering it comes with a printed serial key. I hope Microsoft will reconsider.


Yes, please consider removing this feature. The game is already tied to your Microsoft account. That should be enough.


Please open a ticket at zendesk as tamalien recommended thanks

Please remove the needed insertion of disk1 to launch MFS. It’s insupportable !


Why the hell is in 2020 a DVD needed in order to start the FlightSim?

I own the physical box because of my slower internet connection, but if I want do play, Its really necessary to instert the DVD…
Even if you redeemed your code through the shop, you still hav to insert it.


Would be great, if Microsoft would change this.
I am pretty sure, I am not the only one, who uses a USB-DVD which Is completely unnecessary blocked by the DVD.


Bit strange mate, I have used the 10 box set and after loading and logging into MS my disc isn’t in the drive on start up ???

I think this was put out there before release that this would be the case.

Sounds like you might have got lucky.

Btw, I tried to send you a PM on the other forum and it didn’t seem to have sent??

I’ll pop over and check later Mr Gman

Without the disc I get the “insert disc error”
But when i put it in, I can start the sim normally.

I understand that is how it is supposed to work, confirmed about a week ago by an Aerosoft boss. Aerosoft are distributing MSFS, including the disk version, so you’d have thought he’d know.

Sweet. I was mainly enquiring about your wellbeing. :slight_smile:

Sounds like this wouldn’t be changed in future?

Solution I use:

  1. Make a copy of your 1st DVD in an ISO file, with engraving software,
  2. then “mount” it into the Windows 10 Explorer (make a right click with the mouse and Mount).
    FS should load normally without needing your DVD.

That said I agree, Microsoft could have avoided this, especially since the license code is attached to your Microsoft account.
Good flight!