Bravo LED for Flight Director assignment

I re-assigned the Rev course button on the Bravo to work instead as the Master Flight Director button.Works fine but doesnt light up at all.
Does anyone know why? I use AFC Bridge and other lights work.
Could it be something to do with it being a FD assignment?
Assistance appreciated.

Mine behaves the same way and yes I believe because enabling or disabling Flight Director isn’t actually turning on or off an Autopilot Mode (which would light up to indicate on or off).

Thanks very much.Yes I agree.

Lighting of buttons is completely separate from binding to functions. In your case, the Rev course button will still light up if you go into that mode through the virtual cockpit interface, not when you activate FD.

If you want to change the default behavior of the lights, the most straight-forward approach is Better Bravo Lights. Can be downloaded for free from But you’ll need to know the name of the internal sim variable for “flight director active”.

Thanks for the information. Ill try BBL.
I think you are confirming that the light will only light up if Rev mode is used - and not if the Rev assignment is removed and replaced with FD. ( whuch is what I have done)

Yes, that’s what I meant.