Bravo lights FBW

Hello Bravo users, just a quick question. All my lights on the Honeycomb Bravo work on all stock aircraft, but when using the fbw mod, the autopilot light does not, vs stays on even when climb finishes it does not light up alt button like on other a/c. The autopilot does illumiate on the instrument panel when depressed on the bravo. I am with steam, pc, using stable version. Not sure I want to dowload the better bravo lights as it seems some simmers having some issues with that. Anyone have any ideas? I just confirmed that all the lights work on the Bravo with the stock Airbus.

I haven’t tried it myself, but Better Bravo Lights does sound the solution you’re asking for.
It claims to be easy both to install and uninstall, so I would give it a try if I were you.

It even appears to come with a FBW A320 preset:

I have the exact same problem. Not sure Better Bravo Lights solves the problem but I wil check. Yesterday I switched from the Dev version of FBW to the Stable version. This seemed to solve the problem. However when I changed back to the Dev or Exp version the problem re-ocurred. I think the issue is with the current vesions of FBW but I will check again.

Thanks, glad I am not the only one, wish I could fix it as the fbw is my fav to fly right now.

Ok now checked the issue. It is definately the FBW options that is causing the issue. If you use Stable version 0.7.4 the bravo lights work as they should but they don’t on the Dev or Exp versions. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

I tried stable, nothing in community folder. Autopilot light does not work still and master caution and master warning lights do not come on when they are on in cockpit. I just noticed parking break light not working and apu as well on the bravo FBW

On a related subject, is everyone still having to run AFC_Bridge to get the Bravo to work with FS2020?

I just run Better Bravo Lights

Okay. Thank you for your reply. I’m surprise Honeycomb Aeronautical still haven’t sorted this out though.

What is there to sort out. I installed the AFC_Bridge a year ago and have had no problems and no need to start anything to have the lights working. I’m befuddled that so many people need third-party apps to get the lights working.

Can I ask you if you fly the FBW? If you do, then your master caution, master warning, apu, door and autopilot lights do illuminate?

I don’t think you can blame Honeycomb for a problem on a 3rd party developmental A/C. Most who are flying the stable version of the FBW A320 are not having any problem. It is only the Dev or Exp version of that A/C.

I don’t fly the FBW A320 often, but I’ve had no light problems withe stable version.

Yes… that’s all I use. It’s just that you have to remember to run the AFC_Bridge app before entering the cockpit.

I’m meant in general. For the Bravo lights to function for any a/c in MSFS, we still need to remember to run AFC_Bridge (or similar) before entering the cockpit.

No need to remember if it’s in you Community folder. It just runs.

Now that’s really useful to know. Thanks!

After changing to the Stable version mine is working correctly. All lights including master warning lights, APU and Parking brake are working as expected. Not sure whay the Dev and Exp versions don’t work!

I am on the stable version? So weird.

You shouldn’t have to do that. Uninstall AFC_Bridge from Settings-Apps in Windows and re-install using its own installer.