Bravo Throttle Quadrant - Annunciator panel design impressions

Picked up the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant recently. I was looking forward to trying out the built-in annunciator panel display on the Bravo but never really gave much thought as to where it was located and now disappointed.

I feel Honeycomb missed the mark on the design of the annuniator panel . When the various levers for throttle, prop, mixture, flaps or spoiler are in the top position it hides the actual annunciator display output. You have to look over the top of the bravo to see most of the display which is difficult as my bravo is off to the right of the yoke as it is for most pilots. From a strictly usefulness perspective it would have made much more sense for Honeycomb to incorporate a digital display for the bravo’s autopilot instead. Having the annunciator panel built into the throttle quadrant really makes no sense to me. Am I missing something? Maybe a future design consideration Honeycomb? Note I mainly fly GA aircraft like the C172 and Beechcraft Bonanza.

Welcome thoughts from the community.

Thank you.

To be honest, never gave it much thought.

Works just fine for my needs / setup, whether I have GA handles attached or airliners.

That said I do sit up higher so looking more down on them.

I don’t think Honeycomb or anyone can make a setup that would suit everyone’s specific style or need but I think they did a good job getting everything they could I to it and presented well.

I agree, that HC did a great job packing so much into the Bravo. Annunciators, rocker switches and autopilot panel would have cost hundreds more if added separately. Configurable for every kind of aircraft, and only $249 US at the time I bought it (nearly two years ago).

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Thanks for the response and please don’t get me wrong. I love the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo devices. They’re the best addition to my sim setup in a long time. My desk setup is much more streamline and clean now and I was able to pack up my Saitek yoke/TPM, Saitek Switch Panel and also my Saitek Multi-Panel because everything is built into the the honeycomb devices. Plus they look (and feel) fantastic. And from a cost perspective you can’t beat it even at $350 Canadian for each device. My only point was, IMHO, Honeycomb could have used the real estate on the bravo more wisely. And that something like a digital display for the AP likely would have met more simmers needs. I"m sure it was a discussion around the Honeycomb design table and they certainly must have had their reasons. I hear ya tho, impossible to design something that meets everyone’s needs. Just look at all the wonderful mods for the Alpha and Bravo out there!

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That is why have it hanging next to the Honeycomb Alpha but under the desk.

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I guess it really depends very much on where your head is relative to the Bravo.
The Alpha is obviously right in front of me, just a touch on the high side actually from a purely comfortable perspective or compared with the real airplanes I have flown…except maybe the Beech 18 and C195 which always made me feel like a little boy playing in daddy’s car :smiley:
The Bravo is mounted on the same desktop and to the right…the lights and indicators I have no problems seeing and reading etc.
I have occasionally thought the placement of the toggle switches is a bit uncomfortable when the levers are fully up. And of course I would have liked to have at least a LED in each of them.

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I was thinking of doing the same. But my PC is directly below my Bravo so no room! I’m a bit of a neat freak so all cables, cords, etc are neatly strapped to the underside of my desk and would need to be moved. Arg these first world problems eh! Maybe I’ll make the run to Home Depot and make the DIY under-desk mounting bracket for the Bravo. I’m realizing there are more and more reasons to have your PC on the left hand side of your desk…especially if you are right handed.

Can’t see half the annunciator panel from where my head is positioned . I usually guess at which light is on! :laughing:

I’d love to see the LEDs on the rocker switches too but let’s not great crazy. I actually have a small LED flex lamp to illuminate the rocker switches and other non-luminated areas until my muscle memory kicks in…if ever.

This is so not a big deal for me. I just wanted to get others opinion. Now I need to find someone with a 3-D printer to design a digital output display for the AP on the bravo! Happy Friday.