Bravo Throttle Quadrant Mappings - What needs to be mapped to what?

Bravo Throttle Quadrant Mappings!

Does anyone know of a list which tells me what physical button is mapped to what particular individual setting in the sim for the Quadrant?

I am setting it up now and there are mapping out all over the place, Im no expert and I want to configure each button, switch, and control surface correctly.

Also want to have a base profile and then make copies for the different engine aircraft

Thanks in advance!

You can click on the bravo in the assignment menu and set the menu to „assigned“ then you have your list.

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Ok so thats whats currently assigned on the Bravo ?

Thats not what I mean sorry, some of the binds are way out, I do NOT know what bind they are meant to bind to within the sim, so what im asking is for each knob etc for what it is, is there a list of what actual setting within the sim it should be…does that make sense?

There are a few youtube videos out there which describe how and what one can bind on the Bravo. Maybe take half an hour of your precious time and watch some to get the hang of it.
E.g. this one I can recommend:

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Thank you yep my time is precious, ill check that one out thank you!

If you point on the assignment with the mouse it will display a brief description on the right side. But I’m not sure whether it’s sufficient. Youtube is certainly a good way to go.

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How do I fix the mixture AXIS?

It will not move to the left. The video showed the mixture moving to the left not stopping in middle.

When moving the physical lever that is bound to the axis, the white bar should move accordingly. If this is not the case, try to clear the input of the axis. Save the change. And then search for the setting again and reassign the axis. This should fix any problem. If the problem still persists you could check in Windows if it‘s a Sim or a hardware problem.

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Thank you so very much for your reply!