Brazilian Simmers

Hello guys! If you’re Brazilian and you’re looking for a compatriot friend to fly with, this is the right topic! :brazil:

Just a reminder, the official MSFS Forums language is English, so let’s keep it that way, please.


Hello fellow Brazilian friends!


Hi Rod, I am in!

From Brazil also!

Brazilian here.

Hello, Guys!!

Hello folks! Close to SBSP here!

Is there a way to form a group? I will try to add as a friend in game all that appears here…

Hello everybody!

Wasup ! From Brazil also ! @NANUKEthecop we could join a discord server ( server id: 641407742879334401 )!

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Excellent idea, but I am travelling this next week. In my returning I will join this discord group. Cheers.

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Hi. I am here too! :brazil: :raising_hand_man: (Sao Caetano do Sul - SP)

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Hey guys! I’ve created a Whatsapp group for us to discuss and schedule flights. DM me for the link.


Good idea, I’ll DM you!

Fortaleza o/


Still time to get into the groups? :slight_smile:

SANTOS SP :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, let me join

Join every week a different flight!