Bredok3d 737 Max

This seems to be a rehash of the base FSX 737. Bugs, yes! Pitot switches don’t work, but the model probes will freeze up. I had to designate a button to turn the heat on. Can’t shut the APU off after engine start. VNAV doesn’t work. Can 't change speed or altitude on FMC legs, should I go on? Last but not least, it looks more cartoony than the FSX 737. I wish I hadn’t of bought it and saved my money for a better aircraft.


Actually, after you have figured out which buttons not to push in a sequence you don’t, it’s actually a performing 737.

Can do a LOC, APP, ILS GS catch, what more do you want? ( … a lot, but MSFS has to fix and finish the API, which is a horrendous mess at the moment, and indeed the buttons, bindings and mouse clicks are mixed-up right now)


speed and altitude “overide” work, for VNAV/FMC flight plans, push the buttons.

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Who needs PMDG


Haha… Yeah, exactly. :smile:

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I’ve been flying 3rd party aircraft for a very long time, and do know what buttons to push. The FMC on this airplane is as bad as the airliners in this simulator.

If you’ve been doing that for such a long time I am surprised that you buy such cheap airliner with a totally unrealistic cockpit, and expect it to work properly. If anything the past 20 years have told us that cheap aircraft are either very simple (i.e basic aircraft with few systems) or rubbish, or both.
Also, all the posts here in the forum about the devoloper, his Typhoon and this 737 should have been an indicator what to expect.


How does this stuff get past the review board? What are they reviewing before it goes to market?

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They aren’t reviewing it. There is no review board. Why would you assume there is?

So I could put a helicopter shaped balloon up on the market? It Flys. :helicopter:

I think so. The trick is deciding what to price it.

Someone should do this and make it a dollar. All proceeds to charity that is voted on.

This 737Max is a simple derivative from the core MSFS engine, and indeed does not rise above the standard 747 and the 787 in functionality, the ‘FMC’ a derivative from the core flightplan code, which is obviously a half-witted mess.

Asobo created a new environment for MSFS that is marvelous, which is why millions bought the revamped MSFS.
The simple core prop MSFS aircraft work ok-ish I suppose, great for GA private pilots, this already becomes problematic with the turboprops,

but the jets, the FMC’s, the state of affairs of for instance a decades old 747 model that should be perfect by now, it is a pitiful shambles, which is not to blame Asobo, but is to blame the lunatic Microsoft business model and is a bloody shame and a Microsoft disgrace.


What are you rambling on about? The default aircraft are pretty good for default aircraft. Microsoft has nothing to be ashamed of. Are there issues? Of course! They will be worked on and things will improve with time. But I don’t know what you expect out of default aircraft. I just flew both the 747 and the 787 and they followed the flight plan, I had smooth landings in both. They are SIMPLE implementations of the aircraft. For more complexity, you have to wait until 3rd party airliners come. CRJ is already here, there will be more. Bredok doesn’t count.


I mean a bunch of us tried to tell people not to buy this aircraft a while back because the developer doesn’t care at all and they will just keep releasing shoddy work if people pay them. Just wait for actual developers to make a 737 because I know people don’t want to deal with bugs on the scam from Bredok3d.


737Max is as flawed and as capable as the 747, which is atrocious for a 4 decades old plane in FS? It is lunatic, all function that are there should work, simple bindings and equal mouse clicks should just work, flawless, because 40 years, they don’t. It’s disgusting. The 747 flight model is great, but don’t bash 737Max, it’s just a derivative of these core junk jets that are still broken.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. No one took “40 year old” aircraft and slapped them into MSFS. This isn’t even the same sim, not the same code, not the same models. Period. You are about as wrong as it gets on this. And Bredok’s junk is NOT “derivative” of anything. It’s just junk. Compare it to the CRJ. Somehow that one isn’t junk, so go figure.


Sounds like he’s one of those who bought it and is now defensive about it? Idk


747-400 flew for the first time on April 29, 1988, that is 30 years ago. Introduced as part of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 in October 2001, which is 20 years ago.

If during 20 years, Microsoft still cannot make all the 747 buttons or bindings work in MSFS 2020, that is considered a massive business model fail, considered a dwarfish intel

Same case for default 737 and airbus in Microsoft Flight Simulators, decades, no fixes, just a plethora of dumb bugs, that stayed and stayed. Stupid and dumb.

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That’s the issue with creating a sim from the ground up. It did have guidance from previous IP including FSX but ground up really means they had to rewrite everything.
It’s the same reason why we don’t have features like replay or shared cockpit. They could have gone the easy way and take back the old code and try to work it in a modern environment and your 747 would have those same features, but we would be stuck with that old engine and a full set of limitations.
Look at the scope of this project, it’s huge. And I wouldn’t expect a default plane to carry the same quality as a $60 add-on anyways. I’d much prefer to see Asobo work on the core sim and add the necessary features while 3rd party can make the quality content they excel at.

I don’t think you understand what “business model” means. For the scope of default aircraft in ANY sim, having “all buttons” work is just not included! Go look at P3D - widely considered (rightly so) by many as the most advanced simulator for its time. The default aircraft is even more junky than MSFS. But the wide availability of study-level aircraft, INCLUDING your Boeings (I own PMDG 737 and 747 series, so I have direct experience with it) gives those who are into complex simulations something to satisfy their thirst. However, as you have seen with a recent CRJ release, the MAJORITY of simmers can’t even be bothered to read the manual, let alone follow all the procedures where “all buttons” work. They complain that they have to use the FMC to build flight plans. They complain they can’t just spawn on runway and GO! THAT is why the default aircraft is very limited - it provides a TASTE of what’s possible on the platform, but by no means is it meant to be all-encompassing. For THAT, you’d have to get advanced 3rd party aircraft (again, that means no Bredok3D products). Because MSFS is so new, you will have to wait until later this year to fly a proper 737 - PMDG will supply that possibility if you so wish to fly a great Boeing. As for the bugs, they are slowly getting fixed and will continue to be - that’s why it’s NEW platform with NEW aircraft.

Like FlyingCookie said, the easy way out would be to take a LOT of decades old stuff and slap it into MSFS. But they didn’t do that. That means having more and new bugs, but if they stuck to just slightly improving old stuff, you’d have… P3D as it stands right now - somewhat stable platform with tons of available add-ons but suffering from an old engine.

Again, your argument that plethora of bugs “stayed” just isn’t in line with reality. They didn’t STAY from anything - these are new iterations of the aircraft. Some things like ATC were left from old code, yes. But the aircraft is all new.