Bredok3d Boeing 737 Max (How it make it fly right)

My finding on this plane is I needed to figure out how to make it flight right.

  1. Realism needs to be turned off. Especially Icing. (Causes speed bug and vs climb to stop working if on.)
  2. The power button is under the black cover about the ground power switch.
  3. There is no manual so figuring how to start the plane was a challenge. The steps are for manual start.
    a:) The generator switchers are for the APU. The inner switches are the Master Switch. Have your panel text turned on so you can see on & off. (Hint Blue Light lit is on)
    b.) Press the APU start switch. Display above APU start switch should say ON. After about 30 seconds the AVAIL light should replace on.
    c:) Next press the outside generator switches next to the switches used for Master APU switches to turn on APU Generator.
    d:) Turn on APU bleed air to show on in blue & isolation switch.
    e:) Next turn on engine air to what ever engine you want to start.
    f:) Turn Engine Switch to start and press fuel supply switch on throttle panel. (Hint: Press the same fuel supply switch that you turn engine bleed air on for.) If your turn on both it won’t matter
    g:) Wait for the engine to reach 20 on the engine display panel.
    h:) Now turn the engine start switch to Cont. & the engine will get fuel to fully start.
    i:) Now repeat the steps for the other engine. (Steps E: to H:)

The plane will fly well after that. It took me forever that ICE being on was causing Autopilot issues in a major way. Hope this people that are interest in flying this plane instead of complaining about it. It took me a long time to figure out how to get this plane turned on & started.


Thank you for this!!! I will fly this until PMGD comes out since I love the 737. I have one question how do you turn the lights on in the cabin where the passengers are? I noticed at night there’s no cabin lights.

Well I think you’re on wrong focus, since this is a simulator game it’s not about that it can fly stable or land or something, it’s the plain lack of true to reality makes this plan generally considered to be a scam, like say in a racing game you can purchase a fast “Porsche” just to find it handling is like Maserati, interior is a Hybrid of Ferrari Toyota and Lamborghini, ground clearance is same as a pickup… and there’s a lack of texturing, together making it some kind of counterfeit rather than a real sim where ppl expected from a flight simulator


bonjour le plus simple pour démarrer le 737 utilise la commande maj c et tu auras la chek list du demarrage et en cliquant surla ligne les boutons s’illumine en bleu sur le tableau bon vol

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Fist thing to do with engines running

“H” - deicing (for windows etc.)
“Shift-H” - pitot

Realism can now be ON.

I start up from cold and dark as instructed in videos. But still when I turn Battery on, lights on overhead panel lighs up but Can not see anyting on my panels, no lights at all. Engines can start but no lights on panel.
What am I doing wrong???

Any idea what the time frame for the PMGD might be?

I don’t think there’s a release date yet.

I mapped all anti-ice functions to one key.
Works nicely.

You won’t know until a couple of weeks before. They are notoriously tight-lipped. When the 777 released this spring, they kept going for weeks saying it’s ALMOST here. Then they said coming next week. It just showed up one Wednesday. :wink: It’s fun.

I am gonna guess maybe October-November? Maybe?

is there no way to arm the speed brakes while landing?also there is no altitude alert horn and the under carriage when retracted is still green.