BREDOK3D- Changing call sign and flight number

I know how to go in and edit the ATC ID of downloaded liveries in the community folder to change the call sign and flight numbers but how do I change it for the liveries that come pre-installed with this 737 max? They are all right now just plain old 737. Anyone know where it’s located? And I don’t mean changing it inside the sim.

Change it in the atc options in the plane pic in the welcome menu. You can type the airline callsign as well as the flight number. Works for me.
The 737 is great, it’s been continually updated and it I haven’t flown any other plane in months!

As I said, I didn’t mean changing it inside the sim. I meant changing it inside the aircraft.cfg file.

Oh, OK. I don’t touch the config at all, I change it in the sim.

Just so you know, if you leave that blank, most of the downloaded liveries already have it inside the aircraft.cfg file and will have the correct call sign and random flight number when you fly. That way you don’t have to change the ATC callsign every time you load up a plane. Except for this 737 max and it’s included liveries which just is 737. You’d think for $23 he could have included that haha.