Bridges/Interstate 10 Missing Spans

Bridges Missing or Missing spans around Pensacola, Fl, a Photogrammetry City.
Pensacola Fl (KPNS) and the Naval Air Station, Pensacola is the Navy Cradle of Aviation and the Home of the Navy Blue Angels.

These bridge errors were reported, via ZenDesk, shortly after MSFS was released and remain today.
Seems “they” are more interested in the $$Marketplace$$ than fixing the scenery, that they are so proud of.
Bridge Issues:
3 Mile Bridge connecting Pensacola to Gulf Breeze FL, Missing Spans
Navy Point Bridge: Missing
Bridge to NAS Pensacola: Missing
Cervantes Street/Bayview Park Bridge: Missing
Interstate 10: Missing Spans

If voting helps get missing spans on interstate bridges fixed, I doubt this will help because only people that actually live in the Pensacola area will be interested enough to actually take the time to vote and a majority of them won’t bother to vote. It must be a “voting” thing.

Are they missing or underwater? I just bought the sim and, while I think it’s amazing overall, my main disappointment was underwater bridges in Florida. I googled “Microsoft Flight Simulator underwater bridges” and the first result is someone complaining about the exact same thing 11 months ago on a flight sim forum. The first bridge I was excited to fly over was underwater. I think this issue deserves higher priority at this point.


Thank you for your reply,
Not all of the bridge spans are missing, some are there so the missing spans should be at the same elevation and not underwater. It is interesting that the cars traversing the bridge, travel on the water going from span to the next span. Interesting but annoying and it has been this way since release.
Goes to show where priorities are. It is not just the Interstate 10 bridge in Pensacola, it is all the bridges around Pensacola, FL

My post was a bit misleading when talking about bridge traffic.
It appears that ALL vehicular traffic going across the Pensacola to Gulf Breeze Bridge, which is South South west of the Pensacola International Airport KPNS, leaves the street and drives across the water with the bridge spans OVER the vehicles. The cars are not even on the bridge with missing spans, they are UNDER the bridge… It has been this way since release. I haven’t noticed the cars traveling on the water because I do not engage traffic very often. I’ll have to check and see where the cars end up when driving across the Interstate 10 bridge which is a few miles E NE of the KPNS Airport.