Bridges missing in Norway / denmark - sweden

Points of interest in Nordics missing

Specifically the Oresund and helgeland bridges

Bizarrely I can still see traffic crossing them !

The Nordics update was before I purchased my Xbox but I installed it during my main installation

Any ideas appreciated ?

The Oresund bridge was part of the Nordic update.
Kinda poorly made and with cars driving at water level but its there.

Maybe try delete the Nordic update and reinstall it so you are sure you got newest version?

Blue skies!

I’ll try that


The Danish great belt bridge, once longest suspension bridge in the world and the largest engineering project ever in Denmark is reduced to some sort of dam. Flying in Denmark which is a small country, it is visible from most of the country in a plane…but not in the sim.

There are stupid castles but no bridge. REALLY a big, big omission.

Luckily someone made really nice great belt bridge and its for free:

Greatbelt Link Scenery » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Blue skies!

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Not on an Xbox it isn’t :disappointed:

Sadly that didn’t work

Deleted downloaded installed restarted but no POIs

Any other Xbox users facing this ?

Bridges added in WU15