Brilliant developers but poor management?

There are still issues present in the current rendition of the live weather that we saw in the BETA such as incorrect cloud heights and still clouds at ground level in certain situations. Whether it is a ‘bug’ or just a ‘known issue’ I am not sure but either way I don’t think this should have been forced on us in the core version of MSFS. To make such big changes they have to the weather as they have in SU7 that clearly have a lot of teething issues as well as some
Bigger isssues, they should have had a beta running alongside the main stable version which had the pre-SU7 weather running so that if you wanted to test this new experiment with the weather you could and if you wanted to simply fly and enjoy the game as you purchased it (because none of us purchased with the intention to be a tester) they you can do that also.

I’m all for innovation and change and I realise this can often mean seeing a downgrade before you see the benefits but I don’t think it should be forced upon us.

I’m regards to this, there are multiple posts over in the weather area of the bug forums which have been classified as ‘bug logged’ ranging from wind gusts to temperatures to general depiction which do not cause he game to crash to desktop. Bugs come in many shapes and sizes and whilst some of the issues we mention with SU7 are as I say quirks or teething issues there are also many that are legitimate bugs and should be classified that way and indeed have been.

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Yep, except that they release their beta implementations to paying customers with a mandatory update. And that’s where extended beta test periods come into play. They did the perfectly right thing in December when they started the long and volunteer beta period. They did it the wrong way though, the beta was for a hotfix instead of the update. If they turn this order around we’re on a good way. If not then more anger and drama is programmed.


Great ideas - poorly executed seems to be what is happening to this sim. Every time there is an update somethings get fixed but also somethings get broken that have been working just fine up until the latest “update” and then they no longer work as expected. If there was one update a month I would be happy IF that update did not mess with things that were working. To keep rushing updates that are buggy seems counterproductive. Not sure why this is the current way of doing things.

I love the sim but I just want to fly and not have to do “work arounds” or wait until the next update to get things that were not broken fixed.

I build or modify a lot of my own audio gear and I am always careful NOT to make things worse when I modify a piece of equipment to make it better. I guess i expect the game people to do the same thing. FWIW


Because no developer in the world can produce complex software without making errors.

No, you clearly don’t. :wink:


Actually, if you divide 1000 by 2 ten times you get 0.9765625, so you’ll more often have 0 people with perfect scores. But maybe that’s not how probability calculations work, I don’t know. :smirk:

But to stay on topic, I absolutely agree that the sim is in a better state than it has ever been.

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I agree with you. For me one su quarterly would be enough. Deploy wu’s, which are built by other teams, whenever those are ready to ship.

Hear, hear! :sunglasses:


Thank you for the feedback. We have pushed this over to the Community Managers.

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