Bring back Clouds previous to update 5

Not to mention that Windows Central said just GTX 700 series were minimum and specifically stated that was per Microsoft. Also stated game was available so it was after game launched. Also stated that they would update if MS advised. So somebody is spreading misinformation.

Did they just throw this wishlist item under the rug? I don’t see it in the latest development update.

It’s not the only thread omitted from the Feedback Snapshot, the AI traffic wishlist and unlocked files for Premium Deluxe aircraft threads (which are right above and below this one) did not appear either. It’s probably lagging behind a bit since the threads have to be checked by the developers in time before each development update, which means we should see it appear in next week’s update. If it does not appear then, it means that they are sweeping this issue under the rug.

Well, they took the main thread discussing it that’s been in the General Discussion since Oct with over 160 replies and just moved it to the Self Service section. I’d say they’re trying to push it under the rug.


Yeah, since it’s about a game bug and not hardware discussion it doesn’t have a place there. Don’t know what to say…

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That is pretty scandalous.

Asobo are counting on customers to be nice and patient with them while they fix their software.
But this is a two way road.
If you expect someone to be good with you, you should do the same in return.

The cloud issue is still there and still needs to be fixed.
The amount of votes proves that a lot of customers feel this way.

If Asobo sweeps this under the rug, it would be a very bad statement on how much they care about their customers. It can only be hoped that they will rectify this.


Same issue on 780. I am really missing the sim…

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The clouds are currently of lower quality then they are in fsx with active sky addon

My last few landings with clouds live or selected clouds have extended down to 700ft and performance FPS-wise has been shocking. Stutters, micro pauses and low FPS. Virtually impossible to control airbus - havent seen this performance since release.

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I’m another one of those with a 960m. In fact, I wasn’t even going to buy this game until I had a chance to try it out with Gamepass. I was happy with the performance, especially after that one update in September that improved FPS significantly. So I I spent the money to buy it…now, barely a month later I feel like they pulled the rug out from underneath me. Upgrading is not an option right now either.

I totally get that development must go on at some point these older GPU’s will be left behind. This change just felt so arbitrary. With no heads up and little explanation from the developer, it’s just frustrating.

I’ll keep playing it because I still enjoy it, I’ll just have the best weather ever.


Sorry to hear you have the issues as well. I don’t know - for me, if I have to fly only clear skies, no clouds/weather it takes a GREAT deal away from the enjoyment. Then add the other bugs on top of it. I had leads on two different used Graphics cards in my area and lost out on both before I could get time from work to purchase. I was hyped for the possibility of some flying time this weekend. I will keep pursuing a card and/or hoping things will improve. Good luck

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No you’re right, flying without clouds isn’t the same. That’s been my favorite part by far. Eventually, I’ll get around to getting a new computer (can’t do anything with laptop) and I can hold out until then…I just prefer not to have to.

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Just realized I still have this issue with the clouds. This really sucks. Isn’t this the point of having a graphic slider? If my graphic card is average, then I slide it down but I still get clouds. Why can’t we have both versions? Why is it so hard to implement both and have the user or computer decide? This is super annoying. Especially with the shortage of graphic cards right now.

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According to support, the clouds themselves are a graphics setting that can be turned off. What can you do, there is no reasoning with some of the agents it seems.

I too agree that if the new cloud system absolutely cannot be made to work with those GPUs, they should introduce a simplified system as part of the graphics settings. It could replace Low, or become a new Legacy option or something. So many ways around that issue.

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I love how the clouds look like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I feel cheated.
The minimum requirements are GTX 770 4gb.
It outperforms 1050 in tests. All other games work.
And MFS2020 worked before. Everything suited me.
Now I have to pay money by buying new equipment.
But I won’t do it because of one game.
I love aviation. I liked the MFS2020 simulator. But I have no choice but to drop the MFS2020.
I can’t use it.


Flickering disappears but so do the clouds. So it kind of works

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I absolutely cannot see why they can’t include both options, as other users have said. Let us move the slider down to a ‘legacy’ option that just simply works for us. Don’t pull the rug out from under us. This is a complete and total failure. There is nothing we can do about this issue.

Imagine rebuilding your rig for every asinine update these developers throw at us…that’s a potential future, and I don’t want it.


Quadro K5200 here, bought it for business reasons, but I LOVED how this game looked. NOTE PAST TENSE

Now your patch ruins my experience? Just let those of us that paid you at risk even though our cards were slightly below your spec, enjoy our good fortune that your product worked on our machines!!

I felt a bit bummed by my decision to buy the lowest price version. I thought it was ■■■■ that only the 152 had older gauges.

But now, now that I know you are unconcerned about whether I get $60 of value from a game title, and you feel its appropriate to damage my experience during your development process allowing no option to retain the performance as I had upon purchase, I feel entirely ripped off.



Not really true I think, some of the challenges and activities (Bush trips, Landing challenges etc) seem to require specced weather presets.

Of course it’s not true, it’s quite a ridiculous statement but what can you do. Let’s hope they reconsider.

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