British Columbia Tour

We will be flying over mountains, following rivers and landing at all airports. A very scenic tour!

Airports in order:

CZST Stewart
PAKE Ketchikan
PAWG Wrangell
PAPG Petersburg James A Johnson


9:00 am or early morning
Server: West Europe
Few Clouds
Plane: Beechcraft or equivalent

Please land at all airports
Flight should last 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.

Look for Dougiesy in FS Discord

Sorry but my mic is not working very well so I won’t be talking much until I get my new one hopefully on Monday but I will be in to listen.

In this flight you can take any route you want between airports. You can fly over mountains or follow the river. Both are beautiful.

Here is the flight plan:


Is this at 12:30 eastern time?

That’s what it says.

yes. just regular eastern time. hope to see you there

thanks for the flight !!

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Here’s the full video of the event.

Thanks for the video. It was fun watching it again. see you in the skies