Britten Norman Trislander (Study Level) AVAILABLE NOW

Is it me or does this bird and the study level Islander move around on the ground WAY too much when idle. I mean it’s literally sliding around on the ground at idle?

Has it been updated since su10 to add in the static friction stuff? Not bought/flew this yet but I’m finding this with various aircraft the runways are like ice rinks since SU10.

Haven’t seen anything like this, it’s stable (except for some vibrations when the engines are running) while the parking brake is on, and rolls slowly forward when the brakes are off. Given the fairly strong engines on this light airplane, that seems very plausible to me.

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these two differing reports lead me to suggest perhaps some setting being the likely cause

Just loaded up the Trislander to check if my memories are correct.

SU 11 Beta, at a gate on TFFR (close to sea altitude), clear weather preset, all three engines running, fuel mixture levers fully pushedin, prop condition levers full forward, throttle levers at zero. The plane’s body wobbles a bit side-to-side once the engines are started, but the wheels stay firmly in place. So please ignore my earlier report of forward pull at idle thrust, must have confused that with another plane.


If anyone is interested :slight_smile:


Link is broken but image link is working. You have my interest! :slight_smile:

You have my interest too. Looking forward to hearing a bit more when you’re ready :slightly_smiling_face:

Shouldn’t this go into the new thread?

Yes, makes sense.

Only the image is working, but is that a Do. 228?

its was only an image posted … and No :slight_smile:

Yes, I can see from what I assume are dual vertical stabilisers it is not. Intriguing…

PZL M. 28 Skytruck?

There’s a hint in the file name.

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Doh. I didn’t notice. Yeah, the nose didn’t look right for that guess either. Looking forward to this one.

could give you a bigger clue if you need it :slight_smile:


“They’re boxy, but they’re good.”

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ITS “The box the Saab came in” :slight_smile:


Trislander’s cousin. Check the bottom post. I’ve been going bonkers trying to keep my trap shut about this one.


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Is this a completed aircraft or will there be more updates?