I have a 200Mbs connection.
Will I see improvement in the simulator if I get a faster connection, e.g 300 or 500Mbs?

No not really as your connection should be far in excess of what is needed. Downloading of updates may be slightly faster but again that depends on what speeds the MS/Asobo servers are pumping out. Guys with Gb connections still complained of slow dl speeds at release of updates.

Took me 2 and a half hours on 80MB/s fibre to download the full update. I doubt you’d need more than you have, given the speed of the servers and load on them.

No, you will not see any improvement. I had 200 then went to fiber (1000) and currently I get 8fps in the A320 and in the CJ4. It’s terrible. :frowning:

Internet connection has no effect on the sim’s performance. Where it helps is streaming in live data. You already have well above the recommended connection. A faster connection won’t make any perceivable difference in using the sim.

Now, whether it’s worth it to you to move to a faster connection is up to you. Just don’t expect a change in MSFS experience.

It’s also influenced by where you’re flying and what aircraft, as well as the resultant underlying environment options.

Meaning, you will be easily satisfied flying a GA plane, no Mods, with AI traffic and Live Weather OFF over non-Photogrammetry sites.

Airliners tend to be more demanding FPS wise, and with them, the mods required to make them more functional/immersive. Airliners also tend to fly to/from Photogrammetry and complex airports, some of which have Mods to make them more realistic.

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