Broken Audio MSFS

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My audio works perfectly fine on my PC. Only when I start msfs2020 my audio stops working completely in game and from any external applications, and I am only able to hear a very faint and distorted version of the sounds. I’ve tried reinstalling my drivers, reinstalling msfs2020, all to no luck. It has been an ongoing issue for 2 weeks now and its driving me insane. Any help/troubleshooting would be appreciated!

Did you check the sound settings in the “General Options”?


Do you use additional sound tools like voicemeter ? , or others ?

You mentioned you re-installed audio-drivers, are this version you installed the latest ?

Do you tried already to stop the nahimice service ?

PS.: why users allways expect that we can oracle all the missing informtions , at least these one which requested within the issue template :thinking:

EDIT: @TheSevenflyer parallel post :slight_smile:
this was my first thinking, but these report about “distorted” and “any external applications” … hmmm…

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It could be an external sim app that is used in the sim maybe?

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ah… okay… I thought he get with starting of msfs a “distorted sound” of each other application on its pc … so different can the understanding of a report be… :joy:

I know this kind of “distorted sound” ( what I understand ) only from tools like voicemeter where the buffer setting is sufficent for normal situations but in high load , like in msfs, the sound-engine “crashs” and needs to be restarted ( increase buffer size will help then ).


I changed my headphones to default communications device and that somehow fixed it. Welp problem solved, thanks guys for helping, appreciate you all!