Brown Scenery

Does anyone have an explanation for the brownish scenery in some locations? I seem to encounter it most often in the southwest. The screenshot is over Tucson AZ, and I have also seen it in the Santa Fe and Los Alamos NM area.

Have you compared the region you see here with what you see in Bing maps, or Google maps for that matter?

Arizona and New Mexico are pretty much a desert. They tend to be brown :slight_smile:

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It seems to be related to the batch of aerial imagery they have for that region.

The other day, I was flying near Palermo in Italy (Sicily) and I noticed most of the city was much darker than the surrounding. It clearly was a different batch of pictures. I guess their normalization algorithms have some limits.

I know, I live in the desert. However, I can attest it isn’t as brown as the MSFS rendition. Your screenshot shows tan and beige and sizable areas of green.

I think StopHalfling310 is on to something. I have noticed the same thing. I’m in Phoenix. It’s like they “stiched” some brown images with some lighter.

It looks way better than the green tint that cover the scenery in my home area.

It’s the AI doing the stitching. It’s normally pretty good with colour-correcting the images, but I guess with doing the whole world some local mismatches are bound to occur.


Here is the Tucson area on Bing. If Bing was used for MSFS one would think there wouldn’t be that dark brown rendering.

Bing is used, it’s just not using the single image you see on Bing maps. It’s an AI running through different layers / times of day / seasons imagery, and coming up with a colour corrected average of those images, along with other data sources (vegetation, light maps etc etc etc.).
It’s doing a pretty good job all around (seeing it’s processing the entire world), but as stated before; some local anomalies may occur.

If this really bothers you, file a ticket through Zendesk (Support link in the top bar).

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Thank you, Mort/2nd. I’ll report it but can’t say I’m losing sleep over it. I just wish my home territory looked as authentic as other locations.

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Not sure if you are specifically referring to photogrammetry in these areas, but I raised this wish list thread a while ago where I highlight the colour differenec between photogrammetry and surrounding scenery in some areas - noteably including Santa Fe and Tucson as it happens. You might want to vote on it?

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Thanks, Gordongreig. I just up-voted your report.


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