Bruges (Belgium) Autogen not loading correctly

Has anyone noticed really strange issue with the city in Bruges, Belgium?
Head south east from EBZU (nearest airport).

I’d say 60-70% of the buildings (auto gen) are not rendering fully for me. All I see is the basic rectangles (or random ‘footprint’ shapes), but no details load in. Textures, attachments etc all missing.

It is mainly in the city centre (near the 2 churches) but also quite far out (in the what I assume is more industrial areas). I am running 80 TLOD and 120 OLOD. Not got any mods in the area unless you count WeLoveVFR. Anyone else seeing this? Not seen it like this anywhere else.

See the same

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Thanks, OK so not just me. I will elevate it to a bug then for what it’s worth!

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Same issue:

See the existing bug report:

I uninstalled the part “France/Benelux - Procedural Buildings” of the World Update IV France, Benelux and it fixed the issue:


Thanks man! Oh, weird solution - didn’t see that topic before! I don’t know what other impact removing that asset would have.

Do you think I should still open an Bug Report for it?

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No bug report is needed to avoid duplication. Just participate to the existing one and vote for it :slight_smile:. I will also add my report there.


It looks fine to me, I think.

Yes yours looks fine but do you have the extra procedural buildings pack installed?

Look at the upper left…

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That’s LOD, which I have set to 50 here.

Was that not part of WU IV? If not I’ll check shortly.

Yes, the entire thing by the looks of it.