Brunner CLS-E Yoke Configuration ?!?

I’ve had the Brunner Rudder pedals for over a month and love them! All I did was download profiled from their profile cloud (MSFS C172 CLS E MK2 YOKE & RUDDER (DAVE BOYLE) in case anyone is familiar.

But I just hooked up the CLS-E NG and it has made my sim a nightmare! The elevator vibrates wildly up and down (like over 15 / -15 degrees) at any and all power settings. I’ve tried using Brunner’s 1987 software UI to take off almost all the effects off this profile, prop wash, turbulence, ground effects - you name it, I’ve tried tuning it down to nothing or turning it off all together. Nothing stops the wild and crazy oscillations of the elevator. I even went into MSFS controls, turned down the sensitivity, added dead zones, nothing.

Anybody out there know how to configure this beast so it behaves anything like a flyable airplane?

Exactly the same thing happened to me in the beginning. What helped in my case was finding (and activating) the right profile for my plane, and to turn off turbulence and gound effects

You would think there would be a better way to get these to work. Buying FF kit to increase realism, and then have to turn of realistic features seems counter productive.

Maybe reducing their force, how they are translated into physical movement, would be the way to go?

A little off topic here but how does the yoke size compare to the Honeycomb? I heard the yoke is on the small size is this correct?

You need to remove all pitch and roll assignments from within Microsoft Flight Simulator. The yoke is controlled entirely via the CLS2SIM application. I hope you’ve already figured it out…

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It is a tad smaller than the alpha, but after flying with it a bit I honestly barely notice. It is such a difference in feel that I don’t even think about the size.

Yep, thanks! Man, they should have put that in the instruction manual. It goes nuts with both pieces of software are sending it signals at the same time.