BUG : Ground Wind

i want to select RWY.
but, because of Wind-BUG , i can’t …

MODERATOR EDIT- More details:

Using live weather I frequently get big variations in wind on the world map when selecting airports versus actual wind on the runway. Ideas?

Your plane’s instruments won’t measure wind on the ground.

Understood, thanks. But just yesterday, and similar to many times previous, I selected a departure airport showing wind at 280 degrees on the world map so departing runway 30. All good, right. Then at the end of 30, ready to take off, windsock is straight out across the runway from left and pdf wind indicator on G1000 shows wind at 210, fifteen knots. So, wind indicated at world map is not the same as surface wind at that airport. Suspect I am doing something wrong. Glad to be corrected.

Na, they broke something on the last update. I thought I’d fly into the new Barra airport to see what the last update changed it to. Using real world weather and getting a metar externally it showed a good stiff southerly wind of about 170/40. ATC suggested runway 11 and on approach I did indeed have my nose pointed significantly into the southerly wind but when the wind sock came into view it was flowing strongly into the wind! Every other airport I now take off from and plan my departure based on the metar but ATC allocates the opposite runway. It is like ATC and the wind sock is adding 180 degrees to the wind direction! Com’on Asobo, it worked before you broke it!

Yes, it seems to be off at the moment, particularly the wind (direction and strength).

I am doing a made up bush trip down the east coast of the USA. I select a start location from the in game map then plot my routes using Skyvector and Simbrief. Skyvector gives weather info and it is completely different to what is showing in the in game map.

I am still in Maine, and the in game map shows double digit wind speeds in a south easterly direction (and it gets up to 40+kts at a few thousand feet) but Skyvector tells me that wind is from the west and significantly less strong. Checking the weather channel website shows Skyvector to be correct, so somewhere the live weather in game has gone markedly wrong.

I noticed the same issue, does not show ground speed and direction of wind. Only shows low and high winds. when toggle ground it shows low, when toggle low it shows high, and I think high shows nothing.

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liveWeather causes … iTT bug
I think this has something to do with it too.

yeah wind directions and force on the worldmap are useless since last update. have winds like 20 kts shown on the world map for high altitude but when in the air I have something like 107 kts - that’s a big difference!!!

Also directions do not match at all like you already suggested. Wondering how it comes that nobody else complains about that…?

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

On the World Map, when applying “Ground” filter for the wind, it does not match with the actual surface wind reported at the airport, see below example.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

My unit of measurement is set to US (so Kts)
Ground Wind: airport reported surface wind is 16Kts but map is reporting a ground wind of 37Kts

Low Wind is reporting 34Kts

High Wind is reporting 32Kts

Windy map + METAR (15Kts)